Sunday, April 10, 2011

The PR people have been spying on me

Like a lot of bloggers, I get e-mails from PR companies that are so far off the mark, they're funny. This latest one, while absolutely hilarious for its content, is seriously creepy in its relevance.

Here it is ver batim, but as you'll expect by now, with a few comments from yours truly.

Good Morning: Better than "Hey" isn't it?

Since you are likely beginning to write about Spring and Summer,  (I would dearly love to be writing about Spring or Summer, but since neither have made an appearance in Chicago yet, you're just rubbing salt into the wound.) I would like to explore your interest regarding a product feature / giveaway on DryPro.

This is the time of year when most children and adults break a bone and end up in a cast, (my emphasis)  MOST children AND adults? Really? I detect slight exaggeration here, but carry on. seemingly ruining planned vacations and spring / summer breaks. However, this does not need to be the case. DryPro by Dry Corp is an air-tight, waterproof arm and leg protector that allows those with casts (that would be most of us, remember) to enjoy the pool, the beach, or even a relaxing bath.

There is no other product like DryPro on the market. Designed by an orthopedic surgeon, DryPro comes in various sizes and shapes and is made from durable surgical latex, (oooh, watch out anyone with a latex allergy) which comfortably vacuum seals around a cast, making it impossible for water to seep in or the DryPro to fall off.

DryPro provides the following benefits:

Actually, having had two summers severely inconvenienced by a broken arm or two, I was all ears by this time.

Children and adults alike can still enjoy their vacations. (Well.....that might be stretching things. Try telling an 8 year old that he can't go on his cousins' trampoline no matter how dry his cast is, and the "enjoyment" factor is severely diminished.)

Showers and baths are much easier to take. No more garbage bags or holding your arm or leg outside the tub. (So you were spying on us, were you? How did you know that we tried shopping bags taped up, and cling film/saran wrap before finally buying something in the local pharmacy that almost did the job but still had to be taped up at the top?)

It is vacuum sealed so it won’t fall off. (Vacuum-sealed eh? That sounds like an accident waiting to happen. Or a bloody good blog post.)

It is reusable. (Now I'm thinking :How much does it cost if you have to give me the "reusable" angle. Sure enough, I couldn't find a price on the web site.)

Several Models available including arm, leg, prosthetic, PICC tube and ostomy protector. (Not sure what they are but it sounds like TMI.)

Easy-to-use hand pump included to create vacuum seal (Here's the link to the little promo-video to show how it works. Looks like a bit of a palaver, but the kids seem to be able to go in the pool with no problem. I might just get one and try it for the blog potential - there's no way it wouldn't be a disaster with my kids.)

Please let us know if you’d like a product sample sent your way and we will deliver one immediately. Summers don’t have to be ruined just because of a broken bone.  (I suppose I could get one and offer it as a giveaway. To enter the contest you'd have to "accidentally" break your child's arm, wrist, ankle or leg. The worse the break the higher your chances of winning, obviously.)

Like anyone who's ever had to endure a small child in a cast, this is all very, very tempting. However I'm not going anywhere near it as it would only jinx things.


  1. Hey! (Like that?) How come you get all the fun sample opps?

  2. Yes, an odd thing to giveaway - although I'm sure it's because they've heard you've been a little accident prone yourself! Lx

  3. ooohh I don't know just for the blogging potneitla...but hey it is unluikley to be my kids that break a bone far more likely to be me! So like you I'll give it a miss this year and for the next fifty or so decades!!!!

  4. You're making this up, right? Not a real product. You almost had me there. :)

    I think the ad should have said, "And the little tyke will be able to play the piano with it on."

    If that were the case, I would buy one. I've always wanted to play the piano...

    (Ok, I realize this is a real PR thing and that you didn't make it up. I just didn't want to admit it.)

  5. Brilliant. When you realise someone is being paid to write that press release you do feel better about your life. And after all now I'm thinking about it. Actually having had two child break their arm at the begin of ski season (and we subsequently let them ski right after) this slacker mother (moi) needs some contraption that lets them ski and snowboard.

  6. Vacuum sealed? I'm thinking "great big hickey"

  7. Oh, wow - can you send that over now? Since Sam has now broken his other wrist.

    Thank God for waterproof casts. If I had to vacuum wrap Boo, well ..,it wouldn't end prettily.

    I hope you sent the company a link to your blog, so thae copywriter gets an informal bitchslap.

  8. Weird - bet you thought it was a wind up at first- but a useful one! Never know when it may be good to know!

  9. But wait - even if this is potentially interesting, what a freaking random thing to send to someone. It's like saying, "go out and break your arm so you can try me," which is a bit demented. I get that a reader in need may learn of it etc etc by sending it to bloggers. But still how odd - then again it did make for some entertaining reading with your added remarks!

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  11. Tehe! That's funny. Never received one of those before....

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