Wednesday, June 1, 2011

And breathe....

Sometimes I have to remind myself to breathe, and today was one of those days. It always helps to make a list and get things mentally under control at least. Today's looked like this:

  • Give Man-Child $15 for baseball coaches' end of year gifts.
  • Remind him that he has a driving lesson straight after school, then he goes straight to his end of year Sports Banquet
  • Argh - buy a salad to go with the pizzas at the sports banquet. Will have to meet him at school beforehand
  • Wrap Little Guy's presents (8 tomorrow)
  • Buy 20 cupcakes for in-class celebration
  • Buy 16 goodie bags for Saturday's birthday party
  • Confirm party start/end time with movie theatre (where party is) and e-mail to parents
  • Find clean clothes for Little Guy's piano recital this evening
  • Rush out for plate of cookies for reception after the recital
  • Remember that Sports Banquet and Piano recital overlap. Plan attendance strategy with Ball & Chain
  • Take $5 to barber's where Man-Child got mohawk on Sunday and didn't leave tip
There's also a musical theatre performance by the Little Guy on Friday which requires purchasae of black trousers but that will have to wait till tomorrow or possible the day of. I can only do so much.....

Oh and did I mention we have the Queenager's big Senior Prom and high school graduation next week with grandparents flying in and parties all over the place? Best not to think about that just yet!


  1. I'm exhausted reading this!
    Hope little Guy enjoys his B/Day!
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  2. Before I moved to the US I might have thought you were exaggerating.

    Now I know there is no chance! Love the idea of a Sports Banquet.

  3. Sheer madness. I could feel my BP rise just reading that list. I am holding on to the reins desperately as the stagecoach careens toward the cliff as the end of the school year combines with graduation and the move to Korea. I started a blog post this morning which boiled down to a 'to-do' list much like yours...I wonder if this list thing is a natural response to stress? Thank goodness at least I don't have a sports banquet or a birthday to deal with. Hold on, it's almost over....

  4. I remember those days from when I lived in the States. Somehow you are always over committed. Tell the Little Guy happy birthday. .

  5. Thanks all - I feel vindicated. My English friends and family think I'm over-dramatizing (and usually not without reason), but really - the US school involvement is ridiculous. My mother is here already and had to have a nap between the hours of 2 and 4pm today.
    Me? I finally put small child to bed at 8.20pm (far too late) and then went over math(s) test with Man-Child, and edited English paper with the Queenager. Then had to empty dryer (for fear of ironing) and find lunch bags for tomorrow.
    Bed time, without a sitting down break all day - ooh, I don't know. I just wrote this and now I have to find LG's clothes for tomrrow, and write my to-do list. And I need a good 8 hours' sleep.

  6. there seems to be a lot of cookies/cakes/plates of eats involved in that list.

  7. Hello,
    Just wanted to say that I've been reading your book (thanks to Nicola) and it's as if you were with me when I moved there back in 1995. It is hilarious and accurate and you have managed to pin-point all the frustrating bits too.
    So thank you.
    x jo

  8. Jo - you're very welcome. Glad you enjoyed it.

  9. Surely you can skip the giving the barber the tip? Does it really matter that much if you don't? Or does it mean they shave rude words into your head next time?

    I'd be a hopeless American - I don't do much with school and always avoid having to produce food etc. Why bother?! It all sounds awful.

    Send the kids to buy salad etc. It's their bloody banquets and stuff!


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