Sunday, 7 August 2011

How STUPID do you think I am?

I'm sure many of us have received e-mails from various African countries telling us that someone has left us large sums of money, or that someone would like to ship millions out of the country and would we help them? Amazingly some people have been tempted by such offers, ending up handing over bank details so that the monies mentioned could be deposited in their accounts. You can guess that it's usually not a happy ending.

And now it seems the Bank of England is at it. The other day I found an e-mail from someone at the B of E in my junk folder. Despite the fact that I have no money with the Bank of England, (unless some nice person has opened a bank account for me), the e-mail says -

Attn: Beneficiary,
I am Dr Francis Johnson Director Head of International Remittance BANK OF ENGLAND, there is presently a counter claims on your funds by one MRS. CHERIE VANSICKLE, who is presently trying to make us believe that you are dead and even explained that you entered into an agreement with her while in the sick bed, to help you in receiving your approved Scam victim Compensation fund awarded to you by the UNITED-NATION In conjunction with the Prime Minister. So here comes the big question.
Are you dead or still alive? And Did you by any reason signed such agreement in favor of (MRS. CHERIE VANSICKLE). Thereby making her the current beneficiary with her following Bank account details:
ACCOUNT/NUMBER: 000369505.
We shall proceed to issue all payments details to the said MRS. CHERIE VANSICKLE, if we do not hear from you within the next five Bank working days from today. All the necessary arrangements regarding your contract payment has been finalized and i was then given the authority to notify you of the latest development. You also have to note that you will pay before this fund will be release into your account and if you are not ready to settle the bill, then you have to quit this transaction in time.
Thanks for your understanding and cooperation.

Dr Francis Johnson
Position: Head of International Remittance
Bank of England.

I'm not sure I really understand it, but in answer to "the big question", No, I'M NOT DEAD!!!


  1. Uhmmm, maybe the fact that the BofE is a Central Bank and as such does not allow deposits or current accounts to be held by individuals? Whatever their origin?
    Unless you are disguising yourself as a Government Bond or a Credit Note?

    Never fails to amaze the length these people go to in their tales of 'originality'. And sadly some individuals still fall for them.

    LCM x

  2. But I think it might be best if you remain hovering on the half life of near death so far as Dr Francis is concerned! You seem to be having an interesting time on the bank/bankcard front. My last trip to Europe resulted in a phone call in the middle of the night after I got back to Sydney from our bank asking if I was currently online using an Israeli gambling site - because my card was having a rather large flutter!

  3. Usually the spelling and poor grammar gives them away. Not this time. :)

  4. I've just Googled Mrs. Cherie Vansickle, and apparently she's at it with several banks. Here's a link to another. Too funny.

  5. You'd think that an institution as august as the Bank of England could afford to install spellcheck and auto-correct on their word processing software, wouldn't you?

    The sad thing is, these things must fool someone, or else they wouldn't keep sending them.

  6. Unfortunately, it must work sometimes. My excellent spam filter doesn't allow me to get these emails and I'm glad too. What aggravation they cause.

  7. Yes, I always wonder who on earth would actually believe these, but the fact is, even if they get one person in a thousand, they are probably laughing...

  8. I wonder wht they would do if you told them you were dead? Maybe they would leave you alone. And whaat about those spelling and grammer mistakes? Nice.

  9. I can't believe that a spammer could sound so stupid...well actually I can.

  10. I had this exact email this week too, plus another two telling me my uncle in Africa had died and that I owned money in America

  11. Very bizarre and love the name they have chosen...Cherie Vansickle? Is that a code do you think...

  12. Some people fall for this stuff?!!

    I don't even believe my own bank when they contact me! I have been known to report them to their own fraud department!

  13. I got one of those about 3 years ago. I'm surprised this particular scam is still going. And I've never even been to the UK.

  14. @ Working Mum - yes me too! I reported a phishing email to the bank that turned out to actually be them. It was because they put a link in it and they don't normally do that.

    I also never phone the number given when the bank ring to ask if a certain transaction is us or not. I ring the normal bank number and get put through to the fraud dept.

  15. Oh how sad some people are to try and rip strangers off in such a manner!


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