Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Empty Nest

So the Queenager has been at college for just over a week now. Man, it's quiet around here and it still feels all very weird.

Here's a bit of a tear jerker I wrote over at In the Powder Room.


  1. I hear ya! My daughter stayed at home for University and post grad and then decided to go to the UK for 'a holiday' and take some time off after grad. That was 4 1/2 years ago. Hopefully your girl will leave by degrees, as go they must, as we know! Divn't fret pet.

  2. Hey Cliipy - great to see you back in Bloggy land!

  3. You're right - that was a tear jerker. I hope you feel better soon, when it isn't quite as raw. x

  4. I know I know. My daughter never did live at home again after university and now she lives in Oxford and I live in Wales but I can truthfully say that I still feel close and connected and adore having adult children. It's just hard to begin with.

  5. I have much compassion for you and I hope you'll see her soon.


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