Thursday, October 13, 2011

DIY Haircuts

Last week promised to be a rather unusual, sedate week for the Expat household. I should have known...

Went to a school meeting on the Wednesday night and left the Ball & Chain in charge. Came back at around 9.15pm to find the Man-Child staring at large chunks of hair on his bathroom floor. Once we had established who it wasn't, (as we all have similar colo(u)red hair) we deduced that it could only have been the Little Guy. At 8, the B&C deems him old enough to shower by himself. Personally, I hover around, changing sheets, tidying bedrooms etc. until he's finished; I mean, there's only so much water in Lake Michigan.  The B&C however, comes back downstairs to watch the baseball, leaving Little Guy alone with a pair of craft scissors that the Man-Child had used to cut a tag off his new t-shirt.

Of course only that day I had mentioned, in passing, that the Little Guy needed a haircut....... .

When I asked the B&C if he'd noticed anything at LG's bedtime, he said he hadn't. Not sure why I'm surprised really; I can have six inches lopped off my hair and he doesn't notice. When I saw the state of the LG's hair next morning though, I can only assume that the B&C is going blind.

After I had reminded the LG that he's actually 8 and not 4, I asked him what had possessed him to cut his hair. OK, as someone who regularly chops bits off her own locks, I asked him why he'd cut so much off. He said he only meant to chop one small bit off at the back but then "got carried away". Hmm... and obviously can't tell the difference between the front and back of his own head.

So, off to the hairdresser the following night after school.

Let's just say, there's not much hair left!


  1. I suspect your husband didn't even put him to bed.

  2. Always difficult to cut your own hair because you obviously can't see the back of your head.
    I have cut children's hair and find if you start in the middle of the back, then you won't start going askew and have to keep cutting more off as you frantically try to get it even.

    Hope he wasn't too scalped.
    Men don't notice anything like haircuts.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  3. Funny, funny, funny.

    Oh to see a photo of the little cherub ;-))

    Thank GOD neither of mine have attempted that just yet...

  4. LOL that happended in our house too, but I did it to my fringe and had to wear a big headband for months to cover it up! I wish someone had reminded me that I was 36 and not 4!

  5. Went one worse on this one, one of the Drama Queens bored with scalping Barbie, set about one of her 5 year old friend's hair and hacked off great chunks of beautiful blonde locks during a play date at mine - winning me the negligent supervising mother of the year award.

  6. Ha ha -you guys are so funny.

    Nora- don't even tell me that. Husband thinks the little guy should be making his own meals and doing his own laundry I swear!

    Maggie - I could possible trim the Queenager's hair but the boys have such difficult hair. One's is wiry and thick, and the little guy's is fine but lots of it. Even hairdressers don't like cutting it because you can see all the cut lines.

    Nicola - I did take a photo but I can't seem to find it now! A right mess as the sides were still sticking out all over the place and he had no fringe!

    Expat ife - I have to confess that I'm currently hiding from my own hairdresser. I had to renew my driving licence (and photo) last month. You're not allowed to have hair hiding your eyes, and well, mine was. Hairdresser was out of town, so I just snipped my fringe!

    Catriona - OMG. And you were probably thinking they were playing so nicely (ie. quietly).

  7. My youngest used to do that. So many school pix with missing chunks of hair! Now her youngest chops random chunks. Was your husband the youngest sibling in his house? If not, keep an eye on the grandkids when you get them.

  8. I regularly cut my own fringe, and sometimes other bits of hair if I don't think it's quite right. But I've been doing that since I was about 14 - and now those numbers go the other way round - and I reckon it took me about 10 years before I stopped having major disasters with it.
    So, LG has a few years to go, but by the time he goes to college he should have it sussed, which will at least save him some money...


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