Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Who's That Girl? (a.k.a Madonna)

So Madonna’s back in the news at the moment because of her new movie W.E. (about Wallis Simpson). She was photographed (left) at very close range the other night at her premiere, by my bloggy buddy Lulu  (Family Affairs and Other Matters). 

If you’ve followed Madonna at all, you’ll know she reinvents herself from time to time. 

We’ve had the young, slutty Madonna with the lace fingerless gloves and bows in her hair;

 the channeling-Marilyn Madonna,

and the Geisha Madonna, to name but a few.

Apparently her latest aim is to look like Mae West – in her early 70’s!

I have no idea why, but I really thought Madonna would buck the Hollywood system and age with grace. Or at least with a bit less Botox and filler than she’s currently sporting. OK, so I knew she wasn’t going to go totally European and Brigitte Bardo-esque-

but this? Come on Madge. You can do better.


  1. I'm with you. I thought she was keeping time at bay with all of her power yoga (and doing quite well at it, it seemed) and wouldn't stoop to something so obvious. I suppose the pressure in that industry to look 25 is so overwhelming that all but the most secure women feel compelled to plasticize themselves. Fortunately for me, I was never particularly gorgeous even as a young woman, so I haven't had a hard time coming to terms with middle age. I suppose there's an upside to everything...

  2. She does look like a rather young girl, like I'd like to look actually. Just like her I'm past my prime, but I can't afford plastic surgery. I have to deal with reality. If you've got the money, honey...

  3. It was incredibly disconcerting when she walked in because it was like a child's face on an adults body - however moments later you start to think hmmm, no wrinkles, how tempting.....still, I agree that it's a shame for young girls - I thought she was a better role model than that x

    Going to add your post to my blog if that's OK x

  4. Never mind the all-too-smooth forehead, it's the lips that get me, every time.
    Something about looking like you have just had a vacuum cleaner suction hose pulled off your pout. Accentuated by gloss, of course.


    Give me a wetsuit and vintage swim cap any day.

    LCM x

  5. Lulu - yes, post and link away. After all I nicked your photo. (With permission of course.)

    LCM - hadn't really focussed on the lips. I'm more disturbed about the incredibly plump cheeks which actually serve to make the eyes look more sunken. A sure sign of age. And let's not forget the hands, which give her away every time.

    Nora - I wouldn't mind looking like a young girl if it dodn't look so obviously fake.

    MsC - Funny you should say that, I was never really one of the "lookers" as a teen (especially as my sister was feckin' gorgeous) so it's much easier to remain relatively good-looking as you age. I probably get more compliments now that I ever did in my teens and 20's. (And no, I haven't had any fillers etc.)

  6. She's an idiot! But then she always was. I would think a lot more of her if she went the BB way. What's wrong with looking your age for eff's sake? Instead of looking like a blow up doll! In her case it's likely because she (thinks) she won't be taken seriously as a sex symbol. Guess what? I didn't buy it anyway.
    Great post. I love the Mae West reference.

  7. She is unrecognisable - filler and botox on top of a face-lift, scary.

  8. does anyone remember the newspaper cartoon BLondie...??
    that pic reminds me of her...

    she is a tad too botoxed and filled isnt she...

    we are the same age, but for a few days...and i cant afford nor am inclined to be filled...well not in that madonna way...

    praps after all the success and celebrity she's just a wee scared fifty something like me...

    saz x


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