Saturday, November 26, 2011

Links I didn't Click On

Just thought I'd give you a laugh, or a dare, depending on your take on life. Over the past few days I've seen more than enough Blog or Article titles that I really didn't want to delve into:

What does your husband REALLY think about your wobbly bits? (Daily Mail). In true DM fashion, the title made it look like only the wives were up for scrutiny. In fact, it was men and women commenting on their partners' bods. Still - no thanks.

Moms become Cheerleaders for La Salle High School football team in Michigan. (Huff Post) OK, so recently I wrote that cheerleaders are the devil's spawn, so you can just imagine my views on mothers who take up the pom-poms. But what I really want to know is what the heck is with the high school boys who are OK with their mothers cheering (in cheer-leader outfits BTW) on the sidelines. Just Eeuuww!

I missed our sex life: Ex-husband of World's Fattest Woman says her Weight Gain made her MORE attractive.. (Daily Mail) I'm sorry but it's dangerous enough being as heavy as this women, without some maniac ex telling you that you're more attractive when you're the fattest woman on the planet. Talk about self-centred.

The 8 Germiest Places in the Mall (CNN web site). OK, I did click on this one in case there was anything worth passing along. Let's just say if you're not good with germs, just don't go out!

Marquis of Bath, the 79 year old lusty Loins of Longleat, goes online for his 75th wifelet. (Telegraph)
The photo was enough to put me off clicking on this one.

Meet the World's Oldest Porn Start - (Huffington Post). (Go on you big scaredy cats!)


  1. I usually hate the Daily Mail, but an American friend posted that "wobbly bits" link a week or so ago, and so I decided to give it a go (he recommended it as a very good article). He wasn't wrong! It was actually very frank, interesting and quite a pleasing read.

    I'll leave the porn star one though, thanks... :D

  2. Makes a change from bloggers promoting links, instead you're giving us articles that you advice us against clicking on... being a contrarian it's tempting though... ;-)

  3. Oh yes, I'm daring everyone to click on at least one!

  4. OK, I clicked on the Marquis of Bath, because I didn't believe it. I'm still not sure I believe it. It reads like something out of a previous century. I guess it probably is true, though.

  5. Too scared to click into any of these (and agree about the granny cheerleader thing, also notice women here LOVE their short skirts and short shorts well after the boat has sailed) Funnily enough i always used to find it impossible to get people in my articles when i worked for London Evening Standard...but that was 15 years ago - what on earth has changed in the interim?


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