Sunday, 8 January 2012

Oh What a Tangled Web.....

The Little Guy got a Wii game from Santa for Christmas. When he opened it, he realised that

a) it had a Best Buy sticker on it, and
b) Santa (or Best Buy) had left the security case on.

At least I think it's the security case 'cause no one in our family or neighbo(u)rhood can crack it. We've tried brute force, scissors (with just a minor flesh wound), pliers, and a hammer. Actually the hammer was caught mid-air due to the potential to damage the entire contents of the case.

To the Best Buy question, I explained that when Santa gets really busy, companies like Best Buy and Toys R Us make toys to help him. Or was it that Santa makes all the toys around the world and companies like Best Buy and Toys R Us get them from him too?

The security case was not so smooth however.

Me - Oh gosh, I hope I can find the receipt.
LG - You get receipts from Santa?
Me - Oh, was that a gift from Santa? I can't remember who gave what. (Think, think, think.)
LG - Yes. What are we going to do?
Me - Hmmmm.  Perhaps we can just go to Best Buy and tell them what's happened.
Man-Child - If you don't have a receipt, won't they think you stole it? (Thank you, Man-Child.)
Me - (Argh...). Surely it would have set the security alarms off though?
All - Hmmmm.

We then came to the conclusion that, hidden in the bar code, there is information as to where the game originates. If it's from Santa they will know it's not stolen.


Having found the receipt, I went back to Best Buy (with LG in tow) and explained our predicament to the nice girl at Customer Service. I was hoping that the mention of Santa would also clue her in to my personal predicament, which it did. She pointed to the receipt and asked "Oh, is this the letter from Santa?"


The Wii game was indeed still in its security case so she quickly unlocked it for us and we were on our way.

Unfortunately the console/hand-held thingy we got for the Man-Child to join in wasn't the right one - but they failed to notice that until they had ripped it from its plastic packaging and rendered it un-returnable!


  1. So one sort of cancels out the other : (

    Not really though. Lucky the clerk was clued in.

  2. OF COURSE it needed to be in a security case, so that if it fell off the sleigh it wouldn't break when it hit the ground. Different kind of 'security' to the store kind of security. (Though how then would Best Buy be able to help you remove it?)

  3. I once got a way with a gusher by saying Santa had sent me a letter asking me to buy the gift incase it was the wrong one and it needed exchanging. That way I would have the receipt. What a wicked web we weave.

    It's so much easier when they just ask for money!

  4. My teenagers would have been happy with only cash but I couldn't help feeling bad looking at the stash of wrapped gifts the 8 year old had, and the measly little envelopes they had. I ended up buying then small gifts, and this year it even looks like they might use them. Even the plastic fake vomit.

  5. Plastic fake vomit? Really? Please tell me I've got a while before plastic fake vomit enters my world.

    Oh and thank heavens for on the ball shop staff! Go that girl!

  6. Couldn't resist it. I was at the checkout at Old Navy and there it was. Both teens immediately thought of several uses for it!

  7. Love the plastic fake vomit. We bought some very convincing fake doogie doodoo that's already caught out two people in the family. We also really got granny with a fake parking ticket. You can imagine Christmases round our house - a laff riot.

    I love the very sweet story of Santa and also the child saying "what if they think we've stolen it." Plus the adorable extra in the story is the woman who says the receipt is a letter from Santa.

    This post made me unexpectedly all teary...


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