Thursday 16 February 2012

Life as a Tweet! (Think about it)

It was London City Mum's comment on the last post that got me to thinking - imagine life if everyone you inter-acted with was under the Twitter 140 character rule.

(Fade to wavy dream lines........)

Teen - Mom, have you seen those blue jeans with the ripped pocket? They're not in my room and I need them right now. I can't believe they're not on........
Me - What's that you're saying? La la la la la .... (Exit stage right.)

Spouse - You wouldn't believe the day I've had. Right in the middle of the 10am client meeting this know-it-all idiot turns round and has the gall to.....
Me - Sorry sweetie, I can't hear you. My head's in the dryer looking for your other sock, and oh by the way, would you mind signing the birthday card for your dad so that I can take it to the Post Office tomorrow. Oh, and have a look in the oven to make sure the dinner's not burning, but don't trip over the mop, I've just washed the kitchen floor. Thanks.

8 y/o - Mom.....what do you think would happen if all your hair fell out, along with your finger nails and every time you went to the toilet you had.......
Me - (In my head, of course.) What on earth have I birthed?

Mother (who may or may not be reading, so I will take this opportunity to remind everyone that these scenarios are entirely fictitious) - Well of course in my day you'd never ask a child what they wanted to eat for dinner or where they wanted to go on holiday. Children just did.....
Me - applies duct tape to mouth.

Cleaner (yes, I have help 4 hours per week) - Hello, it's me Livia. I can't come Friday so will perhaps come on Saturday morning. Don't know whether it will be 9 or 2 and I maybe cannot...
Me - Actually, I have no response. It doesn't matter what I say, she will come when she comes and we will be happy for the help and pay her regardless. Sigh....

Wouldn't it be nice...... Bam, ba ba bam.


  1. Hehe! 140 characters, I think it would make us think about what we wanted to say more , maybe?

  2. PMSL. That. Is. All.

    However, in 140 characters (or less): It never ceases to amaze me how women can multi-task but men have an inherent problem with this reality. Maybe we have two brains? No idea.

    (139 characters, I just checked)

    LCM x

  3. I would be good at this first thing in the morning, when all I can do is grunt a little and mutter short phrases about cups of tea.


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