Friday 30 March 2012

Braces? Ya Think?

Tara over at Sticky Fingers inspired this post. She posted a gorgeous photo of her daughter with a few little adult teeth coming through. Delightful.

Here's my version.

Although the photo itself is great as it captures the very soul of my 8 y/o - just take a look at those feckin'  teeth would ya. Every single one of them stubbornly defies gravity, and let's talk about the chip in the front tooth. Horsing around last year, knee'd himself in the chin which then clamped his mouth shut and Voila! Of course, we took him straight to the dentist, and it seems to be mainly a cosmetic problem, ie. the tooth isn't slowly turning a dreadful shade of green/black.

There's no doubt that he's going to spend a couple of years in braces, - if the little tooth at the side ever comes down. I swear it's been that length for about two years. Is there a procedure where you can pull them down with pliers or something?


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  1. Aw bless him... thank god for least they'll straighten the wayward ones son's got a few that are trying to make a break for freedom so he'll be in traintracks next week!

  2. Hes gorgeous. Lovely cheeky look.
    Wish there were such things as orthodontists when I was a child.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  3. My son's 15 and has an upper canine tooth that's only halfway down - for ages we were worried that there wasn't actually one in there! The braces discussion is still ongoing - his teeth are pretty good but not perfect. Which is also true of mine, and I wish I'd had braces.

    At least in the States, pretty much everyone has them so it's seen as pretty normal.

  4. As scary and weird as it sounds, there is actually a process for gently tugging a reluctant tooth out of the gum into position. My daughter had it done as part of her orthodontic work. And yes, it involved chains (albeit teeny ones).

    I had braces in college (I paid for them). One of the best things I've ever done for myself.

  5. I can remember my bemusement when after our first visit to the paediatric orthodontist in America, the orthodontist sent me a Happy Mother's Day card. Little did I realise I was going to be linked by credit card and three monthly visits to orthodontists in both the US and Australia for the next ten years with a set of braces about to go on DQ no.3 ensuring the relationship continues unbroken.

  6. Ha ha ha. That's funny. (Not really, I feel your pain.) Yes, you could have heard me jumping for joy when told that the eldest would only need a retainer instead of braces. Literally the difference between hundreds of dollars versus thousands.
    leemikcee - no way? I was kidding! Gosh, I hope it doesn't get to that, he's very dramatic and we'd never hear the end of it!


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