Saturday, May 12, 2012

Homeward bound

Well, not quite. I have a few weeks and a to-do list as long as my arm, but don't even get me started about that.

Apart from thinking about this......

There are a few other "constants" to bear in mind.

Weather - Last year we were there in August, so there was a chance of good weather. (Don't think we got much though.) This year's visit is in June, so I will not pack more than one pair of cropped trousers, and I will remember to take shoes with toes, and a few pairs of socks. I'm not complaining at all; we get enough hot weather in Chicago during the summer so I won't be trying to get a tan in England or anything. I just don't want my first excursion to be to Marks and Spencer for some warm clothes.

Cost - It is generally more expensive in the UK these days, so I must refrain from walking around Asda screeching "How much?" and "Have you seen the price of this lettuce?" every five minutes.  Ditto when we stop for a cup of tea or a glass of wine in London.

Service - is generally slower that what we get in the US, again, not necessarily a bad thing. I rarely complain about the pace of the service, but the American husband and kids have to be kicked under the table as they comment (loudly) on the snail's pace. I have been known to complain about the quality of the service, and shall continue to do so if the situation merits. Like the time several years back when a waitress got all huffy with me because, after she announced she didn't know what the soup of the day was, I asked if she might go and find out. Honestly, you'd have thought I was asking for a complete list of the ingredients, (which is not unknown in the USA).

Food - despite a global reputation for crap food (which these days isn't even warranted), I will be having my fave foods on a daily basis.  Ham and Pease pudding sandwiches on stotty bread*, really good fish & chips, Branston pickle on everything, and anything from Greggs. Well, perhaps not Greggs' stuff on a daily basis or I won't fit in the plane seat on the way back.

*stotty bread - is the most delicious, light and fluffy bread concoction and cannot be found anywhere else. At least not in these parts. They're quite large and round, so you'd only really eat a quarter at the very most. Slice it through the middle, butter it and fill with delicious things like bacon, chips (as in fat french fries) or, as I said, ham and pease pudding.

Mmm, Mmm, Mmmm.


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  2. I'll be back in September! Be sure to pick up some chocolate - gotta love the chocolate!

  3. Exciting.
    Bring some warm clothes and waterproof clothing as it has been raining continuously from the beginning of April!
    Bon Voyage!
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  4. Please bring thin layers, a waterproof, an umbrella, one pair of sandals only. Sunglasses are a necessity as when it's been shining (albeit briefly) it's bright... A mac is a must-have. Cropped troos - Wait until July... I live in hope!

    Give me a shout when you're up here and you have a spare five seconds! Glad to know you're among us!

    Fhi xxx

  5. I shall definitely show this post to Son#2, who leaves on 20May for 10 days in London and has been insisting that all he needs is some t-shirts and a few pairs of shorts, assuming it will be as warm there as it is here in Seoul. Repeated attempts to reason with him and/or show him the actual temperatures in London on the Internet have not convinced him. This may be just the dose of reality he needs!

  6. Ah, so you're soon to be back among the English. Yes, do dress warm--the sun is (uncharacteristically) out today, but it is still cold.

  7. The song (and this post) was a bit coincidental for me.

    I hope you have a nice visit home.

  8. Have a wonderful trip. I'm having a staycation due to various things like having a new kitchen done. Jealous of you stuffing your face with chip butties and fingers crossed for at least three days sun! x

  9. That was great to hear the song again.
    I go back up to Newcastle regularly and forget to have stotty. Will have to ask mum to get some in next time as it's been ages!

  10. Oooh when are you going to be London way? Message me and I'll try and catch you. Don't tempt fate by bringing any summer clothes at all. Summer has forgotten England. ;-p


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