Friday, 25 May 2012

Next Question - What to Pack?

So I think I have persuaded the Little Guy that although the teacher said it would be "so much nicer" if the Family History brunch item was home-made, she clearly a) hasn't sampled much of my efforts, b) has no idea what else I have going on at the moment, and c) is a witch. (Last one is a joke, BTW - if you're reading, Ms. A!!) But no, we have a Cost Plus/World Market near here and I think I'll just take him there, stand him in front of the British goods aisle (well away from the Marmite) and wait for the background choir of angels to do their thang.

I mean Chocolate Fingers, Jaffa Cakes and Walkers Shortbread? Who could ask for anything more? If need be, I'll tell him to take a rolling pin to them the night before a la the "I Don't Know How She Does It" book. Voila - home-made (looking).

In the meantime I am trying to pile things up to pack for a month in England. During that time I will be attending a family wedding, a posh cocktail thing on a barge at Tower Bridge, a birthday garden party, various social dinners and a Brit Mums conference where-I'm-on-a-panel-so-have-to-look-half-way-decent. I have become very adept at making on piece of clothing team with several other pieces, thus creating the illusion that I brought millions of clothes. What I have yet to master however, is the ability to predict the English weather and pack accordingly.

Now that you've all picked yourselves up off the floor and dried your tears of mirth, I know that no one can predict English bloody weather, but I really would like some idea. Every year I come over with the wrong stuff and have to go out and buy at least two weather-appropriate garments. This year I was planning on not so many shorts/capris, and more sweaters, but now I'm hearing how HOT it is!

What's a girl to do? (Bearing in mind that most of my stay will be in the frozen tundra of the north east of England.)


  1. After weeks of rain, cold & grey murky days........ we're now in the throws of a heatwave and its almost impossible to sleep at night. We're forever moaning! Saying that, it could be freezing by the time you get here, who knows?

    I like the idea of one posh outfit with lots of bits & bobs to make it look different. You'll be able to wash things out, surely. No need for laden suitcases.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  2. Yes Maggie, I always make sure I have access to a washer.

  3. OMG IT IS SO HOT HERE! Crank up your A/C and think of me! I did not move to England to be HOT! Oh, sorry, rant over. It is supposed to be hot for a week or two. What are you wearing in Chi Town? It should be the same-ish. Dont forget that you are acclimated to the special hell that is summer in the midwest. I doubt you will be too hot.

  4. I am THE most useless packer in the world, so don't take any advice from me. I usually fly away with ten pairs of high shoes and only wear jandals the whole time. I hear you there, yesterday was tropical here in Norcal, today Icelandic. Maybe every country is turning into England. You have loads of lovely events lined up though..

  5. I just had a long and drawn-out discussion with my son before sending him off to London for 10 days and insisted that he be sure and take an umbrella, as there was no doubt that he would need it at least once, and, in addition, he did not need to pack any shorts because it wouldn't be that warm.
    The only thing that has kept me from losing every last shred of credibility with him was the fact that I warned him that London was *extremely* expensive and - surprise! -it turned out to be extremely expensive.
    The only advice I have for you is this: layers.
    Good luck - I'm sure you'll look wonderful in whatever you wear!

  6. Layering, darling, the answer is layering. Thin garments that can be worn on top of each other if needs be. One pair of sandals, one pair of wellies and one pair of heels. Jeans, a flouncy skirt, sunglasses and an umbrella. Thin cardigans, a few shirts and a bikini.
    I am sure you'll be extremely busy, but if you've got time, let me know and meet me for tea and scones or lunch. Otherwise I see you at BritMums. Dxx

  7. Well, after the blistering heat y'all have been enjoying, next Saturday's family wedding in Tynemouth is promising a cool 53 farenheit which is about 11 or 12 bloody centigrade.
    So it'll be pashmina's all round I fear!


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