Thursday, May 17, 2012

When a Mother Loves Too Much

If you'd known me in my teens and 20s, I was the one you'd most expect to remain single and probably childless. Without making this all about me, me, me - (wait, it's MY blog) -  I wasn't a nasty, selfish person or anything, I just didn't seem to have the "maternal instinct" what ever that is. Even I couldn't picture myself married with kids. (Not quite sure what I thought my future held but it wasn't your typical future.)

And now it seems, I am being too much of a mother. A little over-qualified on the "loving and caring" part of the job description, if you will.

Exhibit 1 - You won't know, because I haven't blogged it, but I have been rather ill/sick this past week with what turned out to be strep throat, (a bacterial throat infection). After four days of a "cold", I woke up on Wednesday morning and could neither talk nor swallow. I took myself off to the walk-in clinic for a quick strep test (the one where they shove a gigantic Q-tip down your throat and you gag like a 3 year old and the nurse has to ask you if you're "OK now"). Sure enough, strep throat and a sinus infection, but I tell you, less than 12 hours on penicillin and I was a new woman. Sir Alexander Fleming, I owe you big time. I would have said I'd kiss you, but with strep, - not a good idea.

Any road up - since the 8 year old also had to be tested (bad cough for a week) before they would let him back in the classroom, (negative) I was wondering where on earth I could have picked up a throat infection.

"Oh", said the Man-Child (who is almost 17 and therefore no longer technically a Man-Child), "probably from me, I had a sore throat last week".

"Really?" I said, while reaching to smack him across the back of the head. (6'3'' = no chance). "Why didn't you tell me?" In case you're wondering about my reaction, I vaguely remember his pediatrician saying he could be a strep carrier in that he often has strep with minor symptoms.

"Because you'd fuss too much". (What - you mean taking measures to ensure that "sore throat" doesn't fell the entire family is "fussing"?)

Exhibit 2 - The Queenager, (home from college and apparently the USA hopeful for the Sleeping-late Olympic Gold) has a nasty war wound on her knee from packing boxes. There have been a few well-publicized cases of flesh-eating bacteria from innocent-looking scratches in the news recently and quite frankly, the last thing I need before we fly to England is a stint in Intensive Care. (See, I told you I wasn't that maternal deep down.)

So, I got out the trusty old Germoline (American readers, it does the same job as Neosporin but stinks to high heaven ands reminds me of my gran so....) and smeared it on her knee. At regular intervals. Much to her annoyance.

This morning I left before she was awake (natch) so there were a few instructions regarding the dog (walk), the front door (lock) and her scratch war wound. Admittedly I left the tube of Germoline resting on the note with a big arrow, but I don't think it merited the eye-rolling and "MOM, really?"

It brought to mind a heart-breaking scene many years ago when the Man-Child was about 5. He had bumped his head or banged some limb fairly hard, and I asked "Oh no. Does it hurt?"

His reply? (Sob)

"Yes, but don't kiss it".

I tell you, I'm wasted on my three!


  1. I sympathize - I've already had to nag our son (at college in the US) several times via Skype when I wasn't convinced he was taking good enough care of himself. Let's just say that my concern was vindicated when it turned out he had a nasty case of Shingles (I know - who gets them at 18?) I know no one appreciates it, but I just can't stop...nor do I want to!

  2. Ye cannit beat the healing powers ova birra Germolene. (nor the stink.)
    Pity you couldn't use it on a strep throat. Or can you? Perhaps as a gargle?
    Let me know if it works.

  3. definitely wasted - but mine would just love it! They can go charging about with gaping great wounds and its fine; but a mere scratch or a bump and they insist that I do the whole Florence Nightingale thing...

  4. A friend of mine's (17yr old) son fell down the stairs recently. She rushed out to check on him. he said "I'm fine mum, don't fuss. I need to man up!" I though that was rather sweet. i.e he wd have q liked the fuss but he needed to forego it as part of his transition into manhood!

  5. I'm a great believer in Germolene (except for the smell.......)
    Try TCP in water to gargle with, for a bad throat or you could put some on a sugar cube & suck slowly (if you're not too worried about your teeth that is).
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  6. I remember the Germolene my mum used to use on me: it came in a little round tin.
    Sorry you've been so poorly, cuz, but glad Mr Fleming helped you out.


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