Monday, June 4, 2012

Open Letter to my Fellow Brits

Dear compadres,

I might be a finalist for a Brilliance in Blogging Award (see right hand margin) but that's more or less the extent of my abilities. I really have no say about this here weather. Despite the fact that it was hotter than Hades  last week, and the cloud cover arrived about the same time that I did, I really didn't "bring the weather" and I'm beginning to get a bit sensitive about the "joke". In fact, I was hoping for nice weather just as much as everyone else, as I had a family wedding on Saturday and really didn't want to carry an umbrella that clashed with my outfit. (And obviously, I was hoping that the bride could have the photos taken next to Tynemouth Priory, but it wasn't to be.)

Honestly, it's June fer cryin' out loud. Wouldn't you think we'd be able to at least hope for weather that didn't require thermals?

Ironically, here in the north east, the weather was "okay" (ie. dry) on Saturday, and we watched the Royal Flotilla with a mixture of horror and sympathy as the rain lashed down on the Queen and the crowds. I mean, talk about stair rods and soggy scones! Never mind, it gave all the inane TV commentators a chance to talk about the "good old British spirit", meaning that everyone just put on their plastic rain hoods and acted like they weren't soaked to the skin and freezing to death. Bless!

Don't worry folks, I'm only here till the end of June so there's hope for a decent July and August!


  1. Sorry that the weather changed for you! You should really have come in March..... thats when the real heatwave was. Also thank your lucky stars you didn't come in April, when we experienced Winter weather & it rained every day.

    Things might look up.
    I watched the Thames boat Pageant from the comfort of my own armchair and was so sorry to see it raining when the day before was lovely. It was good to see the Queen enjoying herself though.

    Its no wonder we all talk about the weather so much in UK....... but then it always seems to have such a hold over us!
    Hoping it will behave for you all the rest of June!
    Maggie X
    Nuts in May

  2. Turns out it wasn't you who brought the weather; my cousin arrived in London from SA just as the sun disappeared. You can tell your friends that when they try to blame the clouds and rain on you ;)

    Hope it cheers up!

  3. It wouldn't be Britain without the rain... :-)

  4. I hope it gets better for you soon. I was so sorry for those poor girls singing the national anthem with rain beating down on their heads. The must have been freezing! Enjoy every minute in Old Blighty. :)

  5. I can't be the only one who has noticed that our weather has turned a bit topsy turvy over the last few years. Odd freaky snow storms in April, heating on again in June. It's all gone a bit Pete Tong!

  6. The Union Jacks always goes with everything it seems. And yes, it just started raining here - pouring in fact and we live in "sunny" California.

  7. Hope you're having a fun trip! The weather has to improve some time before the end of June, surely.

  8. We were both at home at the same time! We nipped up to Newcastle on Sunday just for a night - left pouring rain in Lincolnshire and it was pretty good up North (for a change!)

  9. Ohh gutted for you that you missed the good weather! We can all dream it will return...

  10. So sorry - in fact, I really would have preferred that the rain had showed up a bit earlier, when Son#2 was in London on a school trip! I had to practically twist his arm to get him to agree to pack an umbrella after insisting that it was bound to rain at least once while he was there - naturally, it didn't rain at all, and he returned home smugly convinced that I really do know absolutely nothing. At least he admitted that I was right about how expensive it was,'s hoping the weather performs one of its twists and gives you some sunshine for your visit!

  11. I'll be away all of July - would be typical if summer decided to come on the 1st and leave on the 31st. MEH!

    PS: Chardonnay! How could I forget that one. Such a classy and beautiful name. *shudders*


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