Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Like Being Shout Out of Canon

I don't know why I don't weigh about the same as my dog, I really don't. The nervous energy I expend before many people are even out of bed each day astounds me sometimes. I laugh, but it's like being shot out of a canon. Metaphorically speaking, obviously.

This morning by 9am, I had -

- fed the dog
- assisted the 9 year old in not pouring the entire box of cereal into his bowl
- made a cup of tea
- brewed coffee for the Man-Child who can't face food till about 10am
- made two packed lunches
- emptied the recycling
- checked my e-mail for important school stuff. (Nothing, thank goodness)
- answered 5 serious writing related e-mails
- completed paperwork so that I can get paid by the BBC
- sent a check back to someone (long story)
- answered an e-mail about Rowan yarn (long-ish story)
- greeted the plumbing guys who showed up to "rod" the tree roots under my house
- vacuumed the basement family room
- established that the electricity in the house went off because the vacuum plus "rodding" equipment over-loaded the circuit
- stopped vacuuming
- talked through the problems being caused by the City's sodding tree which sits right outside my front door
- resumed vacuum cleaning
- put a lad of darks in
- barely stopped the bath tub over-flowing (rodding guys had asked me to run the water to help clear out the pipes)

I would say that I'm going to lie down, but the dog needs a walk. Phew!


  1. I was just thinking that I achieve so very little in a day and now i read your post, it's confirmed - I'm a slacker. Most of my day consists of driving in circles around mh house. I should get a job, but my employer needs to have a nap room.

  2. I ope lunch is worth looking forward to.

  3. ...I am intrigued by the lad of darks.

    Does he help about the house?!

    If not, get him sorted, you are doing far too much for one person, cherie!

    ...And the BBC? Do tell? Work, I hope.

    Take care, mwah!

    Fhina x

  4. Yes Fhina, he walks the dog first thing in the morning. Just round the block for a poop but he does it in the dead of winter too.
    The BBC - I am writing for the Mind the Gap column at their BBC America Web site. Being paid and everything!!

  5. That's really good to hear, that he's some kind of help about the house! And that you've got some fabulous paid writing work - Wonderful stuff! Go you! :)


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