Sunday, October 14, 2012

Vanity, They name is....

On Wednesday I was supposed to take part in a live stream web chat thingy on Huffington Post. I left a comment on one of the discussions about girls in developing countries being married off at 12 and being denied education. I know a bit about the education side because of the school I support in Ghana, and I was flattered that they asked me to be on their live show. I spent more than a few hours looking up very interesting and important stuff on girls, the problems and the answers. Just to make sure I didn't look like a complete amateur.

And of course, since it was a live web chat, I had a mild panic attack about the fact that I look like a three week old cadaver on Skype or anything else where I have to sit in bad lighting and look down into my laptop. I spent more than a little time placing said laptop in front of various lamps and windows. The best spot was in the closet in my bedroom (very soft lighting) but since the wi-fi kept cutting out up there, I had to come back down and deal with the shadows and the cruel lines on my face.

Eventually I settled for a spot right in front of a big window with full sunlight coming in. Not wanting to look down at the laptop (am I the only one whose face goes weird at that angle?), I placed it on a pile of Xbox cases and hoped that no one walked past the house with a barking dog. Reminded me of the first radio interview I ever did - locked in the closet in my daughter's room!

Anyway, they didn't call back, which is not uncommon. I understand the world of journalism moves at a crazy pace, and they probably found someone with a few more credentials on the subject. Not a problem. It'd be nice if they had let me know at some point. I did end up planning my whole day around the thing. Sigh.

However, I spent some time playing around with Photo booth on my Mac. For ladies "of a certain age" some of the effects you can use are just perfect. I might have to walk around in a pencil haze from now on.


  1. Their loss, you would have been interesting an eloquent. And finely drawn in pencil! I like the look!

  2. Pity they couldn't have sent you a short message. Are they too big to be polite?

    Still at least you now know where you look best on Skype and have discovered some rather flattering photo effects. There's always a silver lining. :)

  3. Ha! I've just lately (the last couple of years) started to really 'get' why soft lighting ( or near-darkness) is such a desirable thing for women my age. And when I'm on Skype, I feel like it always makes me look like I have a double chin, so I completely understand putting the laptop up on those boxes. So sorry they didn't call you back, but I say - their loss. Definitely their loss.

  4. Can just imagine you faffing about trying to get a good position. How annoying not to be used but at least now you're sorted for future web chats.
    Love the striped mush x


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