Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Royal Pregnancy

So everyone's talking about Kate and her condition. Having had pretty bad morning sickness with all three of mine, all I could think was "Poor girl. She must be feeling really bad if they've had to hospitalize her."

Anyone else get morning sickness? Mine would hit at about 6 or 7 weeks, and I would turn a permanent shade of grayish green. The first hint would be incredible fatigue; the kind that you get when you've scaled Everest or cleared an entire street of snow, (for example). "Why am I so tired?" I used to ask myself, having taken a pregnancy test which came out negative. (Apparently I took it too early.) The big hint would be the hangover like symptoms which arrived next and just wouldn't go away.

I remember when pregnant with my second, I really did have a hangover. (Yes, I know, but this is the pregnancy test that showed I wasn't pregnant so I went out with the girlfriends, and....) I was in London and had to fly up north. Five hours after I woke up I was still feeling rough, and in the car on the way back to my mother's house I had to stop and puke by the side of the road. Now, in all my days I have never had a hangover bad enough to make me throw up. It was only when I still had the hangover two days later that my sister suggested I do another pregnancy test!

And husbands aren't much help are they? One aspect of my morning sickness would be the urge to eat, right NOW! We'd be driving around and I'd suddenly need to run into the nearest corner shop and eat - anything. (I did learn to carry granola bars around eventually.) The Ball & Chain would merrily say "OK, we'll just pop to the hardware store and then we can stop for something to eat", only to have me either slide down the seat in a faint or slam my hand on the dashboard and demand he stop the car immediately.

Ah, happy memories.

Anyway, I hope Kate has a short stint of morning sickness. It's miserable.


  1. Great sympathy for Kate - I had HG - extreme morning sickness - with my first pregnancy, and would have go to the ER every few days to get rehydrated and pumped full of anti-nausea meds - my first OB visit was quite exciting, since I didn't realize that what I had was more extreme than the usual morning sickness (which I had the 2nd time around and was plenty miserable, too.) I spent the first trimester and then some in a doped up fog of compazine and phenergan (they didn't have Zofran then.) Missed a month of work and was still vomiting (but less often) when I went back - tricky as a middle school teacher. MrL learned to do what he called, 'pregnancy driving' - very slow and smooth, no sudden stops or sharp turns. Kind of miraculous I ever even had a 2nd one.

  2. Luckily I didn't really get it - a bit, but not much. Poor thing. I know.

    BTW DID YOU KNOW YOU ARE NOW SPELLING LIKE AN AMERICAN!!! Is that a test to see if we spot it?? We don't spell hospitalise like that......Lx

  3. Although its so long ago...... I remember it well.
    I used to get early morning and then evening sickness......... just as I was having to cook dinner.
    Must be dreadful to get it as bad as Kate must have especially to be hospitalised.
    Maggie x

    Nuts in May

  4. Maybe it's just the rose colored glasses I'm looking through (as an empty nester) but I don't recall morning sickness. I remember a few days where I was feeling "ugh" but no actual sickness. In fact, when I remember pregnancy now, it was great....expect for that last month. That was when I was so uncomfortable and so DONE with it all.

  5. MsC - Oh lord, how awful. I've never heard of anyone having it that badly. You're a saint, you are! I hope you remind your kids on a daily basis.

    FA- Sod off. No really. Way more than half of my readers are apparently American, and I have this American spellcheck on Blogger at this end, so....

    Maggie - argh - yes, trying to make a meal when it's the last thing you can face. Memories.

    Gigi- No, I really think you'd remember if you had bad morning sickness. Lucky you.I always used to joke that they make pregnancy 9 whole months so that all you want to do at the end is get the darn baby out!

  6. I was never actually sick, but felt nauseous all the time. Like having a hangover for 2 or 3 months.

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