Saturday, December 15, 2012


I could write a rather ranty post about gun control in the USA, or the fact that the mother of a high functioning autistic boy thought it OK to not only keep weapons which only militia should have, but taught him how to use them..

..but I won't.

It's just too sad.

I watched events unfold all day on Friday and the worst part of it was that up until 3pm of that day, some of the parents still didn't know whether their children were dead or alive.

Can you imagine that?

RIP little ones, and the 7 adults who also perished. And condolences to the families who are now living our nightmares.


  1. We woke up yesterday morning and (like many here in Korea) checked our FaceBook accounts and email before looking at any news headlines. We both scrolled through the comments in growing terror and confusion before finally understanding what had happened. I still don't understand how anyone could look at the gun death statistics in the world and think that more people with guns in the US could possibly be the fix for this.

  2. I admire that you question the mother for exposing her troubled son to guns. i didn't have the gumption to say it out loud because the mother is dead. don't speak ill of the dead and all that, and possibly some mistaken mother solidarity and there for the grace of god notions, too. but you know what. i absolutely agree with you. it was an appalling idea to train this boy to shoot and to have guns where he could get his hands on them. and now we are all heartbroken.

    i appreciate you.

  3. Thank you Angella - I did think twice, but really....if she were alive, she'd be facing the most grueling criticism. It has to be said; not that it brings anyone back but perhaps it will raise our awareness.

    Ms C - there seems to be a collective blindness to the statistics. No matter how you look at it, the fact is that gun deaths in the USA outstrip the next 24 countries COMBINED on the list of annuals global deaths. (If you get my meaning). We need to look not only at gun control issues, but the whole culture of resorting to this kind of violence when you're mad at the world.

  4. I knew nothing of the guns being available. It makes the story even more sad. As you said: unimaginable.

  5. Its too terrible for words. A complete nightmare.
    Maggie x

    Nuts in May

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  7. Some peoples' attitudes about guns here and their "rights"beggars belief. Statistically there are more altercations in London than New York but many many few result in death because in London people don't have gun. Pure and simple.


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