Monday, February 4, 2013

This Weekend's Goings On

So - yet another blog interruption. This one caused by vomiting, shivering, pale as a vampire 9 year old. Poor little thing got up on Friday morning and I knew that the one thing I had on the schedule that entire week had to go. (Don't you just love that? This one was only my annual lady exam but when it takes about three months to get an appointment, it's a bit annoying to have to cancel it. Plus, they charge you $25 if you give less than 24 hours' notice.)

Anyway, the Ball & Chain wasn't able to stay home and hey - that gives me another two to three months to lose half my body weight before my next appointment. (They weigh you out in the hallway for crying out loud.) The B&C suggested that I should just take the Little Guy, but since the place is often full of pregnant women, I didn't think that would go down too well. Plus, I'm never in and out in under 90 minutes. Oh yes, they call your name and march you away from the waiting room bang on time, but over here they shove you into a little examining room and make you change into a paper gown. Thirty minutes later a nurse comes in and takes your vitals; then she leaves and you sit for another thirty minutes. Just as you think you'll die waiting, the doctor comes in and, well - most of you know the rest. These days, my doc's office (which is what they call it over here incidentally) offers blood work, so most people now kill two birds with one stone and get that done, adding at least another half an hour. Not really fair on a poorly child to make him sit up straight in a waiting room for that long. I must be psychic because he started vomiting at exactly the time I would have been up in the stirrups too!

So in between taking temperatures, editing stuff, and mopping up you-know-what. we huddled on the sofa and watched Hotel Transylvania, and I tried not to inhale. 

Miraculously, I'm still standing.


  1. Poor little guy. Hope he's feeling better.

    And you've reminded me, yet again, that I must find a new doctor and make "the" appointment....I'll work on that tomorrow.

  2. Ah yes, the life of a mother! I am pleased to report it does got better! I hardly ever got what my 20 something kids bring home. IT makes me feel so powerful and healthy!

  3. You know, I would pick staying home with a vomiting boy watching Hotel Transylvania ANY day over doing time in the stirrups.
    Lucky you for having a legit excuse for getting out of it. Enjoy your time with your boy (as much as possible) and keep washing those hands...

  4. I always found that I'd spend hours in a doctor's office in the US, though it somehow felt more efficient than just sitting in a waiting room. If the NHS introduces targets for waiting times, managers could just convert waiting rooms into small cubicles, and move patients round from pillar to post, as you describe.

    It must be odd for Americans coming to Britain, to hear a doctor's office referred to as "the surgery". That must take getting used to.

  5. (Ugh, you've just reminded me I keep getting letters telling me that my appointment is due, must make one.)

    Fingers crossed you stay well!


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