Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Dream a Little Dream

Anyone else have weird dreams? I mean dreams that have so much detail and which you can remember  almost every second of? I'm sure it's hereditary. I've listened to my mother recount the dreams where so and so turned into so and so, and everyone was at home except it wasn't any home she remembered but looked like the one off the Brady Bunch, and her old Music teacher was there but she wasn't a teacher, she was working in the corner shop...... Those dreams.

I have them too but lately they've taken a bit of a turn.

Let me back up; this is not the first time my dreams have gone haywire when I have a lot going on. I had one particularly stressful year at university (stressful by anyone's standards, and too much for a 20 year old), and my dreams started to come true. I'm not kidding. It got to the point where I didn't know whether to tell anyone about them. I mean, if they're going to come true anyway is there any point? One time I dreamt/dreamed* that my car had been broken into. As I was leaving my flat with my flatmate I mentioned the dream half-jokingly. She pointed to my car (which I wasn't planning to use at that point) and said "Don' be silly, it's right there," and we sauntered off to our lecture. That night I got into my car and yes, it actually had been broken into, only the thief had ripped out the radio and taken all my cassettes. There were about ten other premonition-type dreams at this time, all with similar accuracy. It was exhausting.

Now I have a lot going on between my work projects, the kid stuff and house stuff, and my dreams are driving me bonkers. Seriously. I'm having to sit down every morning and figure out what has happened in real life and what was part of my dream. The Man-Child had a little "misunderstanding" with a teacher a few weeks ago, which is all fine now. (She says, truncating the whole thing.) Not so in my dreams though. Oh no. Two nights ago saw him front and center of a student protest (which isn't beyond the realms of possibility) and things got so bad that the Dean said "Right, that's it". I woke up in a bit of a sweat, and could not remember if there actually had been a protest at school never mind the rest. I had to ask him, in a round about sort of way, what had been going on. (Nothing, you'll be pleased to hear.)

I also got up another morning and had the following conversation with the Ball & Chain-

Me - Well, guess what I was dreaming about all night?.
B&C - No clue.
Me - The conversation with --, of course.
B&C - What conversation?
Me - You know? The bit where he said --.
B&C - What are you talking about?
Me - He was sitting opposite you and said ----. And then you said -----.
B&C - (In gentle tones) That didn't happen.
Me - Oh for crying out loud; I couldn't have dreamt the whole thing.
B&C - You must have.
Me - Did you leave the room?
B&C - No.
Me - Oh.

Not sure what I can do to sort out the fantasy from the reality, but at least I'm not in my underwear in the dreams!

* Dreamt (pronounced "dremt") is the word I use, but it always causes a mild flutter in the US where people say "dreamed" for the most part.


  1. I had vivid dreams last night about the brakes on my car failing. This morning when DH asked if he could take my car because I have AWD, he doesn't and I had a snow day from work, I came really close to saying, "Don't forget, the brakes don't work properly anymore, you might be safer in your car." He would've thought I was nuts!

  2. I am still dreaming that I turned up to my law exams with only crayons to write with and I hadn't studied and my name is on the list. Continuing dream about not being prepared I guess...Theme in my life

  3. POS thinking about turning off the catcha code - do you get much spam?

  4. AA - Ha. Good job you caught yourself. It's really hard to get out of it when you actually do it!

    Jody - No way. I have a dream where I turned up for an International Law exam and I didn't even take that class! Also, turning up for exams that I never took notes for. Oy.

    I don't get much spam and most of it seems to end up in the spam filter so I'm OK at the moment. I hate the captcha stuff.

  5. I don't usually have dreams. Or if I do I don't remember them; but when I do - they freak me out.

  6. I'm a little freaked out that you had 10 premonition dreams.

  7. Iota - it was exhausting and added to the stress.

  8. I love dreaming and have really vivid dreams, always have. Rarely do I get nightmares but they seem to happen at obvious times of undercurrent stress (but not during times of really obvious stresses like exams). Never had premonition dreams but have been able to do lucid dreaming; ever try that? Maybe you would be really good at it! (Google it)

    BTW, I always have a flutter (or stutter, more like) when speaking with Brits about dreamed/dreampt, learned/learnt. I never know what to say anymore. One of the few things that still trips me up...

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