Monday, March 4, 2013

Just Do It!

Not quite sure what it is about having a lot to do and me not doing it, but it's happening again. I can cope with a lot to do, but when it's spread over many children or just different areas of domestic and work life, I sometimes feel the need to jump back under the bed covers and wait till it all passes.

Right now there's -

- my book deadline (and edits, and artwork to think about, a web site to re-design, marketing plan to devise)

- my other weekly writing deadlines (and not a lot of inspiration at the moment)

- a school break in April in which we have to visit a college and fit in a 9 year old activity. Oh and the Ball and Chain probably won't be able to accompany us (flights to book, hotel to sort out, driving directions - 'cause of course, the two places we need to go to are nowhere near each other)

- booking the Man-Child's standardized test (for getting into college). Attempted to do that on Saturday and almost had the inevitable breakdown when I found out that we are tardy and the school's test center is fully booked. Now what?

- looking into music copyright issues because the Man-Child and his band have recorded a 4 track EP and some people want to buy it. (Also have to research CD production and distribution issues.)

- and the ever-growing list of things-in-the-house-that-need-fixing  - new front door, leaking sliding doors, oven overhead light not working, sink tap/faucet leaking, funny paint smell coming from downstairs toilet, door bell working intermittently, intercom system completely knackered, ..........

Excuse me while I go and paint in the back garden and pretend I'm in a Flake advert. (Remember this?)



  1. I can't see a flake without having that song start playing in my head!

    I've recently bought a book on Amazon. It's called "How to stop procrastinating", but... guess what... I haven't got round to reading it yet. (I'm serious. I really have bought that book.)

  2. I am not sure what test you are booking SAT, ACT ?? But I do not think you are limited to just that one test center. Try contacting the company directly. They may offer it somewhere else near you on another alternate date. The hoops that we must jump through is sometimes ridiculous for these things. I have never seen a flake commercial or even a flake bar for that matter, lol. In this situation the commercials of my youth that would come to mind are the Calgon take me away commercials.
    Good luck!

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  4. As a 'creative' aka underachiever reading that list made we want to lie down in a darkened room with a pint of gin. But you are probably of stronger and sterner stuff than me and will get through it all. good luck!

  5. Softie - Yes, it's the ACT and you're right, there are other test centers. I'm just annoyed with myself that his school (two blocks away) is full. We could go on standby but it's a gamble. The other schools aren't that close but we'll just have to do it I think.

  6. Never seen that commercial either. And the only advice I have is just breathe. It will all get done. Somehow. I don't know how, but it always seems to.

  7. Gigi - You have to be quite old to remember it. I think it played in the UK in the 70's. The tune was around for a long time and most Brits over about 30 can probably ding it.

  8. Ok, is this a cultural difference or a generational one: I cannot imagine my parents taking over my responsibility to set up college testing my senior year in high school. I did it all myself as a matter of course; the PSATs, SATs, college applications; and so did all my friends, including coughing up all fees. All my parents did was applaud or commiserate when the results came in. Have parents really taken over doing all this stuff for 17-year-olds now?

  9. Apparently the whole college app thing is a lot more intense these days. Kids typically apply to 5-8 colleges, and my son also has to set up out-of-state auditions as he's a musician. Given that a credit card is needed to book the ACTs, I said I would do it (rather than handing it over). I wouldn't expect him to pay for the testing and application fees, which are currently looking like over $300.
    It's a generational thing, definitely, Mu parents )in the UK) didn't even know which colleges I was applying to. The competition these days (kids of boomers) is ridiculous as there are more kids than there are spots at the good colleges. Apparently the kids who are now Juniors and Sophs at college had it the worst, (including my daughter.)


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