Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Blame it on your host country

Here's a link to my current Expat Focus column, which was inspired by a post written last week by regular commenter Ms. Caroline. It also features Iota and Jen, bloggers who have lived abroad at one time or another.

(Links in the article to the aforementioned ladies.)


  1. That rings SO true (said from one who has spent the last few days cursing England, the rain, the traffic and the crappy broadband installer man).

  2. Having lived in the US and been born in Australia and now living in England, I have seen a few different styles of life in my time. I don't think that I have ever "blamed" the country where I have lived for problems. Sure, there have been difficulties in all the places I have lived. I might have had other difficulties if I had lived somewhere else, but life still would not have been perfect. Funny 'cause I hate "travel" but loved "living" elsewhere. When I travel I blame all sorts, but not when I am living. I miss things from other countries - I mean why in England is it a worktop not a bench grrrrrr - but don't blame anything on where I live. Oh well, I went on a bit here... I hope that you are loving living wherever you are.

  3. Amy - that's interesting about the "bench". It must be a regional thing because I always called it a bench, assuming you're talking about a kitchen counter-top (as they say here in Chicago). I grew up in the NE of England but then moved south.

  4. Yep, countertop, bench, worktop, are all the same name for that horizontal surface in the kitchen that you put stuff on. I was only when we reno'd our house that I found out they were not called a bench when I got into (yet another) debate with the builder!

  5. Ah, but it's so nice to have a host country as a scapegoat, isn't it? Now that I'm about halfway through my 3rd year in Korea, I have much clearer eyes about both sides, and I realize that there are many things I will miss badly about living here once I move on. Thanks very much for the mention and sorry for my delay in commenting - we were in Angkor Wat and it's taken me over a week to get myself back to normal!


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