Thursday 24 October 2013

The Halloween Spirit

So yes, Halloween over here is mahoo-sive. Houses are decorated on the outside, fully grown adults throw parties and dress up. And this year I'm no exception. For some reason, I allowed the ten year old to hoodwink persuade me to "have a few of his friends round" this weekend. That would be about 25 ten year olds and a dozen or so parents.


So I've gone to town on the decorations, as you can see.

Here's who will greet our guests -

Isn't he dapper?

This is now my fireplace - 

I've even added new family portraits - 

Wrapped some prizes for spooky games - 

Print-outs of spooky things on black paper. Clever eh?

Oh, and made some plaster cake decorations - 

Green witch's finger. 

I don't know who's having more fun, me or the ten year old. The only ominous thing is he's already talking about what we'll do "next year"......


  1. Are you sure that you have not moved Martha Stewart in to your house - it all looks amazing! I love the way that the skeleton is making himself so at home with his legs crossed. Wonderful. Hope that the party goes really well and that you have a great time. xx

  2. Anxiously waiting for my invite....

    Seriously, it all looks great! The only bummer about Halloween is that it isn't one of those "convenient" holidays (i.e., most of the time it falls on a weeknight!).

  3. Are you going to put the witch's finger IN the cake? Can you imagine the look on the face of the child who finds it? LOL

  4. We always decorated our house and yard for Halloween (I even had a small, dead-looking 'Halloween tree' that I collected ornaments for and that emerged each year to live on the sideboard for the month of October.) I left almost all of it in storage in the US and the thing I miss the most is our skeleton. I put him somewhere different every year - sometimes in the dining room, sometimes hanging from the chandelier in the entry, sometimes dangling from the staircase. I really envy you yours - it all looks fantastic and I bet it will be an excellent party!

  5. Iota - We will. 10 y/0 is smitten with the house guest.

  6. Hope you have a great time. You've certainly put a lot of effort into it! Love the skeleton! Wonder what you'll do with that afterwards?
    Maggie x

    Nuts in May

  7. I love Halloween too and try a make a big effort every year. I won't be happy until one day in the UK I'm walking past house upon house with pumpkins on pathways and spooks on the lawn.


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