Monday, November 4, 2013

Daft Teens (What a great name for a band)

Technically I only have one teen as the ex-Queenager is now 20. (Almost 21 if truth be told.) However, I still lump them together as "teens" for blogging purposes. Not that I'm allowed to blog about them, but I'll make an exception here and trust that they've lost interest in reading Expat Mum.

But yes, sometimes the things they do give you a minor heart attack or just age you a couple of millennia in a split second.

Things like the habit of texting you the lyrics of the song they just happening to be listening to at that particular moment. (Don't forget, teens are always listening to music, so this happens a lot). This morning however, I awoke to a text from the Ex-Q which read:

"I got knocked down".


Followed by "But I got up again".

Yes, that one.

Given that last Wednesday saw a trip to the Emergency Room with the ten year old (thumb injury in woodshop/woodwork), my mind went straight off to the worst case scenario.

Jump started the week, that's for sure.


  1. LOL - I haven't received any song lyrics from my son. But I do get cryptic ones - like just this weekend, "So-n-so's in the hospital." That's it. So, just like I do in face to face conversation I have to pull it out of him word by word.

  2. That must have been a scare!
    I tried to listen but the video *doesn't work in my country!*
    Sorry to hear about the thumb! Your kids keep you on your toes, don't they!
    Maggie x

    Nuts in May

  3. Oh Maggie - You'll know the song. Just search for "Tub-Thumping". It's English.

  4. I'm impressed that she's listening to a song that old! I'm sure I was dancing to that at University in the early 90s....

  5. My 22-year-old only told me today I worry too much about her. 'Easy,' I thought but said nothing. She'll learn when she has her own children.… Hx


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