Sunday, February 16, 2014

All About me -

It seems tagging is becoming quite the blogging thing at the moment because I was tagged twice this past week. Here are a few questions from Iota; I'm a bit busy right now so I'll answer half of them and have a think about the next batch when I get a moment.

  1. What is the view from the window of the room where you are currently sitting?
  2. Do you buy lottery tickets?
  3. If you had to live in the Arctic Circle, or on the Equator, which would it be?
  4. What's the novel inside you (you know, the one that everyone is supposed to have)?
  5. Do you still have your wedding dress (if you're married)?
  6. Is your big toe longer or shorter than the one next to it?

1. I'm sitting in my family room which is in the basement of our house. In Chicago, like many parts of the mid-west of the USA, basements are about two thirds underground so you end up with high windows and a view of ankles a lot of the time. Where I am sitting, the window is as high as the ceiling. The window sill is about 18 inches deep for some reason so I can't actually see anything but the top of the curtain. How boring is that?

2. No, I don't buy lottery tickets. I complain that I never win anything but it would help to actually  chance my luck once in a while. With lottery tickets however, I wouldn't even know where to start. In the US they have loads of different types of lotteries, and a variety of ticket options too. You can buy them at small shops and petrol/gas stations but I don't know what to ask for. There's something called a Quick Pick. I could start with that….

3. Definitely the equator. I'm right in the middle of one of the coldest winters Chicago's seen in a long time and I'm sick of it. I would rather struggle with heat than cold, although I would have to be somewhere on the Equator where there's decent air conditioning and definitely not in a jungle. 

4. I do have a novel inside my head and actually a draft on paper. It has a very different ending, so I'm keeping it a secret. I'm having a very difficult time getting it all down I have to say. Novel writing is not easy for me.

5. Yes, it's up in my closet in a wedding bag. I didn't have it professionally stored and I don't take it out to look at so I have no idea what state it's in. 

6. My big toe is slightly shorter than the one next to it. That signifies something doesn't it? (Runs off to google it….) Oh, apparently it's called Morton's Toe, and although it's technically a disorder, it's fairly common and most people don't have problems with it. I have the world's worst feet anyway so a Morton's Toe here or there is the least of my pedi-problems. 

So there you are.


  1. You are not alone in immediately googling 'Morton's Toe' - I had assumed everyone in the world had feet like mine (Hobbits are a common life form, right?) and it came as a shock to realise short big toes are not the norm.

    Today's writing will be interrupted by constant pauses to kick off my shoes and stare at my feet.


  2. C- You're feet must be lovelier than mine then. Genetics and too many years in ballet pointe shoes have ruined them. My long 2nd toe is nothing!

  3. Oh, how fun!

    But now I need to run off to Google something. Are big toes & second toes SUPPOSED to be the same length?

    And...I still have the dress I was married in but not the wedding dress I bought.

  4. Morton's Toe? A disorder? Well, you're in good company. I have it too. When I was a child, my mother used to tell me that the Ancient Greeks considered it a sign of beauty in a woman if she had what we now know, thanks to your googling, is called Morton's Toe. But of course she might have been making that up.

    I'm enjoying reading your answers.

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  6. Husband has toes like that but mine seem 'normal' if there is anything normal about feet!
    I'm definitely a fan of heat rather than cold.

  7. Ah. You've just reminded me that I need to do something with my wedding dress--it's in a plastic bag in the wardrobe in the way.

  8. interesting answers, love them. i am never organised enough to do these meme but I always love reading them. Novel writing is hard for everyone, even the Martin Amis' we only did a registry office in a white suit thing, no guests, dragged the security guards upstairs to officiate, already had three kids so not terribly romantic


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