Monday, February 24, 2014

Vomit and poo

I know, I'm sorry about the title. I think I"m hallucinating. Sleep deprivation.

Yes, the ten year old has had "something" for the last 36 hours. We're not sure whether it's a bug or food poisoning, but let's just say - does it really matter when the results are the same.

He woke me at 3am on Sunday morning saying he'd thrown up - and my how he'd thrown up. (He also made me scream out loud, which he found mildly amusing even at the time. He's over five feet tall now and when you wake and see a large black silhouette leaning over you, it's not always obvious who it is.) Fortunately the ex-Queeneger's bed was not only empty but made, so I hauled him into that and put a plastic bin by his bed.

Why I didn't close his bedroom door I don't know; when we woke up the following morning the whole house stank of vomit. (There was no way I was dealing with it at 3am.) Ugh. The clean up was particularly challenging. I had to spray a scarf with Body Shop White Musk and wrap it over my nose and mouth. (Ball & Chain cannot go near vomit. poo, he's OK with.) It didn't help that the left rubber glove sprung a leak just before I realized I was kneeling in vomit. With the last of the five buckets of hot, disinfected water I flushed down the toilet, I forgot to take the cloth out so down the S bend it went; I'm sure it will end up clogging something in the days to come. I won't go into the details though……

And then the "other end" started. I have now unblocked the toilet three times, pleaded with him to use less paper (probably an unreasonable request) and run out of sanitizing wipes. On the off chance that it's a bug, I really don't want anyone else catching it.

I'm doubtful about it being a bug because he spent the whole of last week skiing with the Ball & Chain, who is fine. Some of his classmates were also sick during the break but earlier on; surely this thing can't have incubated for a whole week. He ate half a hamburger the night before he started throwing up, and the nice lady at the chemist thought it was probably that. He never ran a fever, and although he's still feeling dodgy, he's on the mend.

Just keeping him off school for the day to make sure. I may have to insist that he watches something other than "Dog with a Blog" though.


  1. Oh dear....... this takes me back to many other times when this has also happened to us. Hoping 10 yr old makes a rapid recovery and the washing gets done and the smell dies down!!!!!!
    Maggie x

    Nuts in May

  2. I am so sorry! Your poor thing! Dog with a blog is punishment no parent should have to endure!

  3. My Hubby can't handle the smell of vomit either, but I tell him "too bad." You are way too nice! Mine are finally able to throw up on their own, thank good ness. But I remember those days all too well. I wasn't able to sit on one of our couches for MONTHS due to the smell of vomit wafting up from it every time I sat down. Hubby insisted he didn't smell a thing....

  4. Oh, you poor thing! So happy mine can take care of themselves with that sort of thing now. Still, your title takes me back to one incident (burned into my brain forever from the trauma) when both were small and I spent what seemed like weeks scrubbing up puddles from both ends of both kids off of a variety of surfaces throughout the house with powerful anti-microbial agents. I had already burned through a lot of sick leave (teachers only get so many days each year, you know) and was terrified that I'd get sick myself once they got over it. *shudder* Hope the worst is over!


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