Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Brits - Moaning Minnies or Realists?

Remember when Maggie Thatcher called us all Moaning Minnies? I was thinking about Americans versus Brits the other day and wondering how true it was. Compared to the always-enthusiastic American, we are pretty glass-half-empty -

So I wrote this over at the BBC America web site.

What do you think?


  1. Oh, I don't know, I think plenty of us in America can whinge with the best of them! Some people are just negative or can seem that way. I've known a lot of Americans who make a habit of doing the "Yes, but ..." you wrote about. I'm glad you encourage such ones to "Run for the bus"!

  2. That's a good article! I do think we are a nation of whingers in Britain, especially when it comes politics and things associated with it. I'm pretty good at whinging myself. But I do try to be optimistic most of the time!

    CJ x

  3. I didn't know that was her (she?) who coined that phrase...oh dear. I have the good whining gene that is for sure, however has to be kept in check here in the US

  4. I found New Yorkers were pretty good at whinging too....although there is a peculiarly British whinge, usually about how expensive things are, or the weather.

  5. I heard as much 'mustn't whinge' as I did negative thinking when I first came over. The more I read about post-war Britain the more I thought people did have a reason to be half-empty in their thinking and I was impressed at their capacity to plug on in the face of hardship. Lowering one's expectations is a way of avoiding disappointment; done that often myself. I do think that most Americans grew up with more opportunity than Brits the same age, but the present situation doesn't look that good to me, at least not from over here in Britain and what I read about the financial situation in the US. As to whinging now days I complain just as much as anyone about the weather (though I'm sitting in a window full of sunshine at the moment!).

  6. That was a very good article.
    I've noticed Americans seem to be full of enthusiasm and optimism all the time.
    There are positive people over here too but like you say, a lot of not so positive.
    Pessimists say they are *realists* and that optimists have their head in the clouds!

    Now that the weather is warmer and the flowers are in bloom and I'm finding reliable workmen to do my repairs around the home, I'm feeling more positive today!
    Maggie x

    Nuts in May


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