Friday, November 7, 2014

The Ultimate Inter-active Pub Quiz Revision Book

Yes, you read that right - an inter-active pub quiz book

My bloggy friend Nickie O'Hara, who does many things above and beyond blogging. has been hosting the Friday Twiz for a while and now there's a book too! (A Twiz is a Twitter Quiz, by the way.) 

Briefly ('cause you can read it at the link above) - This book is in three sections.

The first section is interactive; you use the links at the end of each page to navigate back and forth from the questions to the answers. And you can't cheat because the order of the questions and answers have been mixed up.

The second section houses a few picture quizzes, just for fun. There's one based on the popular app “Three Pics, One Word”. There is also an 80s picture quiz and a television picture quiz.

The third section is all of the questions and answers from the first section, but in the correct order. This section is designed to be used as a revision process or to use at a party or your own quiz event.

There is always an option to navigate back to the table of contents so this book should never get boring. At least not until you have memorised all the answers.

Given that it's inter-active, it's on Kindle and available at Amazon. Fear not! If you don't have a Kindle, you can download a Kindle app for your phone or computer for FREE! (There's a link on the info page about that.) Here's the US link and here's the UK link.  Next time you're thinking about throwing a different kind of party just download the book and Bob's Your Uncle! 

Oh, and Nickie says - 

"The Friday Twiz was always a community concept so the book carries that through. People are free to use the questions (in the 3rd section) for their own quizzes (pub/party/family event) but I'd love some feedback on the interactive bit and, obviously, a nice review or two."

So when you buy the book, and love it, please leave an Amazon review too! 

* - Interesting US/UK info - the words "to revise" and "revision" often have different meanings on either side of the Pond. In the US, to revise something usually means to change it and a "revision" is that change. In the UK, "to revise" often means to study for a test and "revision" is the act of studying or boning up for a test! 

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  1. Re: revision: Son #2 learned the difference the first month at his international school. He had an English teacher who told them to be sure to revise before a test. #2 assumed that - since he hadn't written anything that needed revising - he didn't need to study. (Or, at least that was his story after he got the unexpectedly low mark.) He's much wiser now after 4 years of teachers and classmates from the UK, Canada, NZ, and Oz.


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