Friday, December 26, 2014

My Underwear Resolution and a few others

Hope everyone had a good Christmas? Ours was spent, as usual, skiing in Colorado. (Tough life). Mercifully I didn't suffer too badly from Altitude sickness this time, and everyone else seemed to be OK on the health front too.

Thinking ahead to 2015, I've decided to make a few resolutions but not to go crazy. Interestingly, the Daily Mail came up with a few suggestions and I may have to take up the first one.

UPGRADE YOUR UNDERWEAR DRAWER. - My collection is nothing short of a disgrace. When I find knickers (panties, to Americans) that are comfortable I tend to wear them until the elastic disintegrates. I have pairs that are older than my children. Well, the eleven year old at least. You know you have a problem when your mother sends you a four-pack for your birthday.

I don't wear anything fancy because, quite frankly I find all that lace shows through and we all know the only thing worse than VPL is erm, VPL. (That's Visible Pantie Lace - I just made it up.) No. In the knicker department, I ask only that they fit without causing bulges (an increasing challenge I find), and don't show through my clothes. A nice tummy panel also doesn't go amiss but these days, what gets shoved in at one end usually finds its way out somewhere else. (Don't you hate it when control underwear is modeled by women with 1% body fat?)

My underwear drawer however, is full of knickers of indeterminate colo(u)r. To be honest, I can't even remember what they used to look like, but probably an inoffensive, skin tone or plain white. Years of being accidentally chucked in with the denim however, have taken its toll.

My bras aren't much better but they're usually only one or two years old. Last time I bought one, I decided to go to a "specialist" as I had no clue of my size. (Did you know that a large percentage of us are walking around wearing the wrong size bra?) The bra lady told me that a) you should buy a new bra every 6 months (well, she would wouldn't she?) b) you should never put them in the dryer, and c) you should never fold one cup into the other, the way most of us do when putting them away.
Can't quite remember why, but I think it was that it breaks down the support in the inverted cup.

So yes, I resolve to find myself some new, comfy knickers, and get rid of all the tired, unelasticated ones in my drawer. Knowing my luck, I will then be hit by a bus, but I'll feel a bit better on account of my lovely underwear!

I have also decided to prove my point that "I never win anything" by entering as many competitions as I can.

Oh and about 70% of the house has needed a new coat of paint for the last few years, so that's a serious goal too.

How about you?


  1. If we aren't supposed to fold them, then how do we store them?

    I haven't actually come up with any resolutions or goals yet, but I may start with my underwear drawer too as it seems to be in the same boat as yours.

  2. This hit home. I haven't a clue as to how old my last underwear were. Suddenly, the elastic was going bad in all of them. I hadn't a clue as to what size to get, so I'd buy a couple pair online and when I found some I really liked, I bought a lot of them.

  3. My underwear draw is a total disgrace! I should do this too, but I also like the list from the Daily Fail. Bit late for wishing you a Merry Christmas, but here's to a very happy 2015 x

  4. Underwear drawer not too shabby, but regardless of that I have one golden rule that I abide by, ALWAYS: matching colour of bra and knickers. Yes, even when wearing training kit. Have become psychotic about it and cannot even bring myself to wear (for example) a black top and white bottoms.

    Yes, I know, I know. I need a life.

    LCM x

  5. My underwear drawer is shameful. Nothing matches and it's all "very practical". I'm not having the Mail tell me I should sort it out though ;-)

  6. I just renewed many old pairs of knickers! Yes, I go for comfort too.

    Thinking about resolutions......... don't want to be too rash....... erm........ still thinking.....
    Maggie x

  7. Love this.
    My knicker drawer is totally in need of a clear out and re-vamp! I too wear fave pairs until they are falling to pieces. And, it's a bit of a wake up call when your mum-in-law buys you some for Christmas because she thought you could do with some o_O
    I popped over from the Tots100 resolutions linky. x

  8. I went through my underwear drawer this summer when I was having difficulty closing it - I realized that for the last 3 or 4 years every time I'd bought new underwear I hadn't thrown any of the old ones out. I threw out TWENTY pairs and still have plenty! Looking at the sad state of some that are left, it's now time to go shopping again.
    I stopped putting bras in the dryer a few years ago and they definitely last longer. It helped when I got a laundry room with space above the machines where I can put some hangars to let things like bras dry (out of sight, as I can close the door to the closet!)

  9. I did do a bit of an undie de-clutter earlier in the year, but I like the one about entering competitions. I might copy that one.

  10. Underwear drawer on my hit list too, since a couple of sudden hospital admissions when 1) hubby had to bring in underwear for me and 2) the nurses had to dress/undress me because I couldn't move. Very embarrassing!

  11. Last year, I threw out my entire underwear drawer and bought new. It all looks like crap now, though. There's a lesson there, to be sure.

    Although buying 12 pairs of identical socks was nothing short of a revelation - no more matching or mismatching!


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