Tuesday 18 August 2015

Falling Down Around my Ears

..if you read my last post, no, I'm not referring to the USA. Just yet anyway. The Donald continues to "surge" in popularity among Republicans though, which just makes me shake my head in disbelief. His latest plan is to deport 11 million illegal immigrants as well as their legal children, - anyone born here is automatically a citizen. When pressed on exactly how he's going to accomplish his plans though, he's a bit vague on the details.

No, I'm talking about my house. It's almost twelve years since we gutted and refurbished it from top to bottom (including replacing floors and ceilings), so it all needs a bit of a spruce up. Actually, in some places, it needs a heck of a lot more. Due to the presence of burly boys and a clumsy husband, most of the walls have a ding in the plaster somewhere, the paintwork could all do with another coat, and some of the locks on our bedrooms and bathrooms no longer work. (There's a lot of loud singing-on-the-loo in this house!)

Given that it's not going to get done by my husband by itself, I am finally tackling the list. As I speak, we have tech guys in who are updating the TV and sound system. All I wanted was a new, higher def TV, but when we went window shopping, we realized it's no longer a simple question of taking it out of the box and plugging it in. Not if you want to "stream" stuff, and since I joined Amazon Prime for a bargain price a few months ago, streaming I will be doing.

Yesterday I made a call to the man who installed and updated our intercom system. (When you have four floors, they come in handy.) It's never really worked since it was updated, and we just reverted to shouting up the stairs, or texting each other. I suppose we could go on like that but the reality is, we're not going to stay in this large house forever, so we need to get cracking on the to-do list. (Man hasn't returned my call, by the way. Sigh.)

We also need a new shower in our master bathroom, which of course, will also require re-tiling. That means not only do I have to choose a new shower, I have to try to locate matching tiles or come up with something creative to prevent having to re-tile the whole thing. (Not a small job).

What else am I having fixed? Oh yes, the fan above the stove top that is supposed to allow us to grill (BBQ) indoors has never really been functioning. It's vented to the outside, but the trouble is, it's bloody freezing in the middle of a Chicago winter so we boarded it up!! Apparently there is now a "flap" that will take care of that problem.

New kitchen cabinet doors are also on the horizon. The ones we have were lacquered when painted, for some reason, and constant kicking and kettle boiling has made the paint chip off everywhere. I can't be bothered to renew the cabinets, so new doors it is.

Not quite this bad! 

Oh and then the oven completely broke yesterday. There's a sign on the front that says "F.O." of all things.

I can't say I blame it.


  1. I know the feeling! We "did" our house about a similar time ago to you and we are on another go round with decorating and so on! Hope you get it sorted soon. xx

  2. I want an intercom. I spent most of today shouting at my kids upstairs.

  3. We seem to put a lot of wear and tear on our house these days. I thought it was small children who were meant to do that, but I think it's when they get bigger that they do more damage.

  4. PS In order to prove I'm not a robot, I had to click on images of houses with swimming pools. Do you think the internet is trying to tell you something?!


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