Thursday 27 August 2015

My Anchor Babies

So much going on at the moment! The Punk Rocker, who should probably now be called College Boy, since a) he no longer has a Mohawk and b) he's starting college next week, is about to move out. Initially he said it was in a couple of weeks, which I had always questioned since that date was actually after their massive freshers' rally. Surely they would allow students to move in before starting all the partying? It turns out, yet again, there was a mix-up and the Residences Office still has no idea why he was told that day when it fact it should be next week. Thank goodness for Facebook, where he is already chatting to his room mates, and they just happened to mention a different move in date from his.

All I have to do now is get him to figure out what he wants to take. He's staying in Chicago (less than two miles from us) so there's not a lot of risk here. He can always "pop" home to get whatever he's forgotten, but I do hope he doesn't leave it till the morning of, to throw a few bits and pieces into a bin bag. Obviously it will be weird not having him loping around the house, but I can't say I'll miss tripping over those size 14 Converse shoes!

And - drum roll - I've finally ditched the whole Queenager moniker. I have two options though. Let me give you some background.

The Republican party candidates (sorry to bring them up again but they're all over the TV) are now banging on about immigrants; in particular their "anchor babies". The law here is that anyone born in this country is automatically a US citizen no matter what their parents are. (That wold include my three children, by the way, who were all  born before I was a citizen.) Trump and Bush in particular, are banging on about "anchor babies" and how people are coming here specifically to give birth and then get all the benefits that go with - um, being the parent of a citizen. (Let's just overlook the fact that they both have foreign born wives, for the moment.) Unfortunately, no one is pointing out that having Americans children doesn't actually confer citizenship on you. Just ask me. It didn't make a bit of difference that I had three American children. My eligibility was not based on that, and indeed, some parents are actually deported notwithstanding their children here. It's so annoying that this whole storm in a teacup is premised on misinformation. However, in the spirit of things, I might call the ex Queenager, Anchor Number one.

The other alternative is to call her Blog Fodder baby since a text she recently sent to me is now front and center in my latest Wall Street Journal post! Tee hee.

What to do, what to do.


  1. Woo hoo! Congrats on all fronts! Your boy going off to college, the Wall Street Journal piece, and your daughter clearly having inherited your sense of humor! I have anchor babies, too, though come to think of it, until you mentioned it, I'd thought of them simply as American citizens. Ha.

  2. I like Anchor Baby - I hadn't heard that term before. Nice for you that one child is staying close to home ( at the moment I can't conceive of mine ever leaving, but I know it's only about 8 years until the first one does...arrgh).

  3. Very exciting times for Anchor Baby One and Two! When the little 'un eventually leaves, will you be shouting 'Anchors Away!'? :-)

  4. I also have two anchor babies and number one also just went off to college!! Your post rings so true as I have never fed my kids pb&j!! I also can't stand root beer. Mac 'n cheese did become a staple though!! Good luck getting your son moved in.

  5. 'Anchor babies' sounds like that old song whose title I can't remember but has a two-syllable word followed by 'baby' and I've got the tune on automatic replay in my head, so thanks for that. :)

    My youngest likes Brussel sprouts but my eldest not. I love them and eat them not only cooked but sliced thinly raw in salad.

    The boys like a lot of Brit food but my youngest likes more stuff than eldest (baked beans, Branston pickle). They prefer British meat to French too and worship at the alter of Aunt Bessie's Yorkshire puds.

  6. Just read your Wall Street Journal post .......... I hate sprouts ;-) I think it's a secret parent 'must do' to try to convince their off spring they actually live sprouts and that if they don't they're just confused and really do love them! I haven't tried them on my two girls yet but will have a camera ready when I do, their expressions of revulsion are sure to be priceless!

  7. Since I have Celiac Disease, I cannot indulge in Yorkshire puddings, which my very American mother made for us as kids (she made tamale pie and fried plantains, too). I miss them! Our diet was so different from most of our friends' and neighbors' classic Minnesotan "hot dishes" (casseroles to the rest of us).


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