Saturday, 21 July 2018

Old School Blogging is Back!

There have been more than a few old school bloggers talking about getting back into it, recently. By old school bloggers I mean bloggers who still write posts, rather than post photos of things they're reviewing or photos of themselves at various events. Don't get me wrong, I'm not bashing the newer style of blogging - where you expect your blog to earn you some dosh, you have to worry about your numbers, ranking and all manner of stuff, (she says glossing over, 'cause she doesn't even know). I just could never be bothered with the technical stuff, and then before I knew it, there was so much to learn it became too monumental to even try. I moderated a Brit Mums session last September and most of it went straight over my head! 

Anyway, I was chatting on Facebook to a few other old schoolers and threw out the idea of getting the band back together. (We had collaborated on a blog called Mad, Manic Mammas and actually got a mention in one of the national papers I think.) General enthusiasm all around, so we've done it!

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, may I introduce (drum roll...........)

Like it?
The idea is to get back to the damn good writing and camaraderie we used to enjoy as bloggers. We'll be featuring as many old school bloggers as we can so if you'd like to contribute, please let me know or contact the team through the web site. 

Sadly this past week, there was occasion for the old school blogging community to get together and support each other, as a lovely member died very suddenly. We're kicking off this blog by paying tribute to Kate Sutton (author of the Wit Wit Woo blog), and two other beloved bloggers who are no longer with us. That particular post is on the home page, but do have a poke around. Our blog is in its infancy, but we have some great things lined up and the page will look more populated as time goes on.

I hope you'll become a regular. 


  1. Very exciting! I do miss the old days of blogging.

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