Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Movie titles game

I stole this one from Iota, who in turn got it from Lord Celery, and it's a hoot. The game is to change only one letter of a well know movie title and, well, have a look, then join in:-

Some Like it Not - the struggle of a woman with a waning libido

Mary Hoppins - An ageing Mary P and her journey through hip replacement surgery

Top Gut - Tom Cruise and his battle of the bulge

Flashed Away - a hotshot New York detective finally nails a serial exhibitionist

A Star is Shorn - the life and times of Britney Spears (I know, it's a two letter exchange)

Dr. Poo-little - an educational film about potty-training, dedicated to Potty Mummy

The Pocky Horror Picture Show - diary of an acne-ridden teen

Sisterhood of the Travelling Rants - same movie but done with a really bad attitude

Fee Story - the rise and fall of the banking industry

True Brit - starring me, of course!

Ooh - I really enjoyed that. Go one - have a go!!!


  1. Oooh this is s hoot, I may just do this myself at the weekend.

  2. Am too chocolated out to think straight and do that just now - but thanks for thinking of me... Particularly loved Flashed Away...

  3. Ok, so seeing as I read Iota's blog too I may have to be forgiven for repeating myself because this is exactly what I've done...

    Last and Furious (especially if you're a very competitive 4 -year-old).

    The Coat that Rocked - Tales of an uneven coat peg.

    Dead Man Talking - Tales from the grave.

    Pulp Diction - He never was good at talking.

    Forest Dump - Well if you can't find a loo what are you to do?

    Schindlers Lost - he never did have a good sense of direction.

  4. It's fun, isn't it?

    I think James Bond shows his soft sensitive side in "The Spy who Moved Me".

    Then there's the one where he complains to the heroine about her bedtime preferences: "You Only Like Twice".

    And when offered dessert, his famous response became the title of the movie "Never Say Pie".

  5. Not forgetting the documentary on the breeding habits of eagles: "Where Eagles Date".

    And the WW2 thriller story of how Bletchley Park spies cracked the German code, using unpleasant medical techniques: "Eniema".

  6. And finally, there was a John Grisham movie called "The Firm", but under the terms of the game, he might have chosen to call it "The Film".

  7. Very good!
    The Hound of Music- dedicated to a neighbour trying to cope with an annoying howler next door.
    Sorry...... not good at this!

  8. Fretty Woman - Julia Roberts after ten years of marriage and looking after her twins

    Flushdance - another one for Potty Mummy, perhaps a jig of joy when the boy finally masters the toilet?

  9. Ha ha. It's rather sad though, that I see so few un-animated films I often have to think hard about the original title!

  10. that's too hard for me, but i always thought 'far from the madding crow' was probably the inspiration for hitchcock's 'the birds'


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