Monday, August 10, 2009

Well, here I am...

.....Stepping away from the blog. Actually, the kids have been taken out fruit-picking at a nearby farm, I've finished tidying up the gargantuan mess we seem to leave in our wake whenever we visit, and there's bugger all on daytime TV in the UK.

I have to say I was most impressed with the new Business Class on United. (I left the Ball & Chain muttering and generally raising his own blood pressure as they'd put all our upgrades onto the wrong account and wiped out his personal balance. Or something.) Anyway, the seats all lie flat instead of just gently reclining.

"Great", I thought, "I'll be able to get a good night's sleep for the first time ever".

Ha, ha, ha.

It is now official - I can only sleep in my own bed, at night time, with darkness and complete silenece. (And preferably no one next to me shoving all the blankets between his knees, but that's another story.) None of that clinking of drinks trolleys. I'm not complaining, I'm just acknowledging the fact that I won't be travelling to the far east until they can time travel me there.

And the TVs - my how they've upgraded them. It's not just a TV anymore. No missus. It was more like a home entertainment system, with games, films, TV series, and quizzes. I spent a good half hour answering the Trivia questions before I realised I was competing against the entire plane, or those who wanted to join in. At one point it was just me and 'Steve', who apparently was three rows away from me - I was too embarrassed to look up. Because I had been playing for longer than him, I had ammassed a lot of points, which made me look incredibly intelligent. However, the damn thing showed scores for every answer, as well as what everyone else got. The nerves kicked in and soon, I was getting more wrong than right. At that point, I decided I really should try to get some sleep and stop winning the Idiot of the Night award.

I also shot off the plane as soon as it landed so that 'Steve' wouldn't recognise me as the complete idiot from row 8.

Oh, and we had a blistering Saturday and Sunday. Monday - not so sunny but still nothing to complain about.

Watch this space.



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  2. Are you in the UK? Whereabouts? Would love to meet up. Let me know. Lx

  3. good to have you over here- welcome back.If the health permits it would be brill to see you

  4. Have a great holiday. Shame about the English TV but if you have a box, there are all sorts of home renovation/buying and selling programmes that I quite like IF I get to watch.

  5. Have a brilliant time. Hope you have better weather than we did (still, at least we had 'weather' which is becoming a bit of a novelty after 10 years in CA).

    Business Class to the UK - I'm so jealous! Would love to do that one of these days. Still, Lufthansa had these brilliant touch-screen TVs that meant Anna could watch cartoons over-and-over again, and I could press pause whenever the little darlings needed my (constant) attention. That part was brilliant - no giving up on a movie halfway through because of a nappy change. Loved it!

  6. Welcome back! Hope you have a great holiday and so agree about sleeping even in the most luxurious business class - just doesn't work! I bed is what I need, preferably my own bed.

  7. Glad you arrived safe. I'll be slumming it back in coach next year so probably won't experience the TV you did. Not to worry though - travelling with 2 kids would be a nightmare even if the pilot let me sit on his knee.

  8. Gosh EPM, didn't you know ALL our summer weather is like that now? (Cue hollow laughter and gnashing of teeth fading into the background).

  9. Such an exciting plane ride. I want to do that, too!

  10. So glad you made it safely and without too much drama. Have fun and eat a Bacon Sarnie and a few Curries for yours truly pls!

  11. Now I am really impressed. Not only did you come this close to beating Steve, also do you speak Chinese.

  12. Toni, All the previous commenters can just get in the queue. I have known you longer than any of them and if you won't come to Seahouses it will come to you. But spare a half day for an old friend who would escort you across to the Farne Islands in a 2009 Catamaran which smoothes out all the waves. x

  13. LOL Did Steve find out yet that you were in row 8? I almost pee'd myself reading this!!!

  14. Alas my lovelies, not only do I not read Chinese (or whatever it was), I have left myself too little time this year to galavant around as is my wont.
    Blame it on the baseball schedule and the pre-school activities that Americans seem to engage in when it's still technically the summer break, but we are scheduled within an inch of our lives.
    Apparently on our way back to the US, two of our seats are in Business and the other three are in Economy Plus. Dare I leave all three kids back there and live large with the Ball & Chain? I have a feeling there will be much seat-swapping unless we get the other three upgrades.

  15. Oh god, I too am of the can only sleep in my own bed, when dark, completely flat and quiet variety. I am sure it's happened to me 20 years too soon. Hope you are enjoying England, and haven't caught swine flu yet :o)

  16. Have a great time, and hurry back...
    we're selfish that way...
    want you here with us!

  17. What a luxurious way to fly longhaul. Am about to embark longhaul to Spain. Two flights, numerous airport hours racked up and worst of all. It'll be cattle class all the way.
    Wish me luck and enjoy the UK!


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