Friday, October 9, 2009

Tough Love

This morning I had a meeting at school as soon as I dropped the Little Guy off. Usually I'm in and out so no one sees me, or at least pays much attention to me. Today I thought I'd better make a bit of an effort so I'm applying a touch of make-up in the downstairs loo (as you do) when LG comes in to brush his teeth.

Eye pencil
LG: "What's that for?"
Me (thinks): "Good Question". Actually says "It's to make my eyes look a bit prettier".
LG: You've got bags under your eyes".

LG: "And what's that for?"
Me - "Just to give me a rosy cheeked look".
LG: "You've made your face red though".

....which I apply to complete silence from LG. When I'm finished, he says:
"Well that one worked the way it was supposed to."

No lie. Swear to God!


  1. Children. They're like little self-esteem generators sometimes.

  2. They always give an honest opinion..... the little darlings!
    Nuts in May

  3. oh so funny. Perhaps he should work on his tact before dating anyone?

  4. That's so funny -- reminds me of my middle son as he used to ask me all the time why I put make-up on!

  5. Kids are really good for your ego, they build it up and tear it down again, just like that!

  6. Ha Ha, you've got to love the honesty of children.

  7. Now tell me: what kind of punishment did he receive?

  8. Well, I laughed so much that I ended up looking like the Joker!

  9. Fabulous! Did you manage not to swat him?

  10. That is absolutely hilarious! what a hilarious kid!


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