Monday, 10 May 2010

The Dog House

It now becomes immediately obvious on walking into our house that we have a young, not-very-well-trained dog.

There are several baby gates lying around being as much use as a chocolate teapot since she can leap them. The one we rigged up (see photo) is somewhat effective as long as there's a chair behind it too.

The wooden floors within ten feet of the back door are covered in a thin layer of garden soil and there are tell tale pawprints through the dining room. I would clean them up but what's the point? I mean, I eventually will get the mop out, but I'm not going to drive myself bonkers about it.

We're all talking in that silly "who's a good girl?" voice. I mean, I didn't even talk to my babies like that.

The flower beds in the back are looking a bit erm, well horizontal. The problem is that as soon as she gets excited and wants to run, she just races around the perimeter of the fairly modest garden, ie. flower beds. Poor thing hasn't had all her innoculations yet so we can't take her out for a good long run. Again, I'm not going to get upset about it.

The back door is permanently open, which wasn't ideal this past weekend as the temperatures plummetted. She's not house-trained and pees on rugs from time to time. She seems to have found a poop spot thank the lord, (poop makes me gag) but the pees are still a bit of a gamble. There are also a lot of flies whizzing around the house, which I can deal with, but Americans have a very low tolerance for bugs of any kind. We usually have a hanging screen on the back door to keep them out, but with a dog walking in and out all day that was just a recipe for disaster.

Everyone seems in a better mood when the dog's around. (Unless she happens to pee in their bedroom.) We watch her antics with never-ending fascination and tell each other about them if someone happens to miss one.

I am in two pairs of trousers that didn't come close last year. I haven't lost any weight from my daily two mile power doggy walks, but something's going on and I, for one, am not complaining.

The Little Guy still thinks he's dreaming. Yesterday he was sitting with his arms round her neck, as usual.  "Dogs smell of love", he announced.

Ok, we can keep her!


  1. It will get better. Have you tried a thick wod of newspapers by the back door for her to use as her personal indoor loo? And don't forget to use a Non-Bio soap to clean up any pee as regular sprays and detergents have amonia which guess what? Smells just like pee to dogs and cats and only makes it nicer to pee in the same spot over and over again. x

  2. Both my two, AND my husband wd love a dog, but it's not really feasible at the mo with our lifestyle; going to England every summer for 8 wks, moving country every few yrs. I keep saying when we move back to England we'll get a dog. But the kids may be too old by then.... Actually I also am the least keen cos I know I will end up walking it, feeding it, clearing up after it, training it etc & am NOT keen to be the 'dogsbody'! BUT we are going to see a friend's dog's puppies this wk. this space, they're supposed to be VERY cute. Oh dear

  3. I am a huge fan of your pup. She is absolutely gorgeous - definitely a keeper. Looking forward to lots more cuddles and tummy rubs with her. And it is just like having a todder, she will settle down. In a few years...ha ha ha!

  4. Gosh. It sounds like a LOT of work but from the sounds of Little Guy's comment, it's all worthwhile.......

  5. The girls want a pet ... dog, car, hampster, it doesn't matter. I told them it's hard to have a pet when you are away for 2 months out of the year. The youngest volunteered her friend to watch the dog for 6 weeks in the summer. Hhmmmm, if only.

  6. Oh dear........ it isn't easy training a puppy and the garden bit would upset me! However, I am sure she will grow out of all that nonsense and grow into a beautiful pet!
    Think I am a cat person really but will resist having any pets at all.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  7. I empathise on the dog voice - we go one better, the dog gives a running commentary on life in a special voice. I realised we may have carried this too far when I had a neighbouring child in the car and I said something in my normal voice like "Pluto says he wants a walk" and she piped up and went "Pluto doesn't talk like that"

  8. To be honest, the only reason I caved this year is because we're not doing the 7 week stint in England (boo hoo). Between the Junior spending a month at Northwestern University and the man-child's baseball schedule, it's no longer possible. (Don't feel too sorry for me - I get a week in London on my own in July). Even when we come over in August for two weeks, the Ball & Chain is staying here. Not quite sure what we're going to do when we go to Colorado for two weeks over Xmas but I'll cross that bridge......

  9. looks more like hannibal lechters cage!! LOL

    saz x

  10. "Dogs smell of love" made me tear up. I had to leave my dog with my parents when I moved to England last March. But I'll be with her again in 30 days, and I can't wait. Dogs are such a joy, even when they make life harder.

  11. Awww, just breathe deeply and tell yourself that this too shall past. Of course, then they get to as old as our dog is and the incontinence starts. =)

  12. Thanks for being a follower. I really hope your mom makes it to you! x


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