Saturday, October 23, 2010

Bed hopping

Just to manage expectations here - this isn't a story about swinging couples or slutty ladies. Nor is it one of those posts about which small child came into the parental bed, and which parent ended up in the kids' bed (yawn). Think. This is the expat household. It could never be that straight forward.


Let me set the scene. I had a guest bedroom with a double bed in it. Most of the time two (unmarried) people would come to stay and the double bed thing didn't really work. Man-child had bunk beds which he was far too big for. Little Guy had a single/twin bed. So I thought I'd move all the beds over one room - Man-Child gets the double bed, Little Guy gets the bunk beds, single/twin bed goes to guest room and I buy another to put in there. Easy peasy.

The night before the big move (ie. Ball & Chain and Man-child humping furniture all over the house, me being shouty when the dings in the walls start to appear) I finally remembered to tell Man-child.

"I like my bed", he says, half way through my litany.

"But you don't fit into it", I reasoned (sort of.)

"I don't want a double bed".

"I do" pipes up Little Guy.

By this time the extra single/twin bed had been ordered so the double bed had to go somewhere. After epically failing to persuade MC that he needed it, I folded and allowed it to go up to LG's room.

That was about 18 months ago. Fast forward to two weeks ago, when I decided that Little Guy really needed a decent quilt/duvet for his bed. We had the duvet from when the double bed was in the guest room; all it needed was to lose the cabbage rose cover. After searching on the Internet, we finally came across a lovely (relatively inexpensive) Star Wars duvet cover.  Before plopping down the money for it, I had one last go with the Man-child.

"Are you sure you don't want the double bed?"

"Mom" (with two syllables, lasting about ten seconds each).

"Ok, ok", and off I went for the Star Wars duvet cover.

Fast forward to last night.

MC - "Mom I really need a double bed. It's ridiculous. I'm hanging out of my bed."

Little Guy - "Oooh, does that mean I can have your bunk beds?"

Me - "What? You have to be kidding me?"

I can't even send the duvet cover back as there was a minor nosebleed incident two nights ago and it's been serverely washed. Can you Adam and Eve it?


  1. Ah yes, I can Adam and Eve it without a blink! They always need to think it was their idea, whether they are 16 or 46:)

  2. Can't you convince your Manchild that he wants a Star Wars themed duvet?

  3. this sounds like a hundred similar conversations we have had in this house- the very best of it it the accusing tone of voice and glint of eye when they say ' I need, and its ridiculous' as if poor old mum has never mentioned it at all. Good for you on the furniture moving. Heh heh

  4. Typical of most households all this mind changing. What a palaver.
    Hope it all gets sorted.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  5. love this! family life at its best!

  6. Вот еще немного ссылок на тему, как похудеть.
    как похудеть в ягодицах -

  7. So when MC 'Mom' you in the two syllables, he was very polite not to add, 'you don't listen' in another eight! My MC has the double bed but a single duvet.I feel your pain.

  8. So typical! It's enough to drive you bonkers.

  9. Sounds as if he might have to live with Star Wars - maybe he'll secretly like it though?

  10. Well, big boys like Star Wars too, right?

  11. Did you see the Stig bedding that is out in the UK? That would do both parties...more expense though!

  12. Oooh. The Stig. But which one?

  13. Enough to drive you up the wall! We had a few games of musical beds here too back in the day when the kids were at home.
    Ahhh, the (peace) silence. shhhhhh.
    I think I heard a pin drop.

  14. Oh my. All this to look forward to.

    LCM x


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