Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Bed Hopping - The Sequel

So we're now all agreed that Man-Child and Little Guy do a swap. MC gets a double bed and LG gets bunk beds. I have decided to get the sewing machine out and cobble together two single/twin Star Wars duvet covers out of the large double one that I've just purchased.  (See previous post for complicated details.)

Bit of a problem in that bunk beds have bits of matching furniture which of course, all have to go up another floor with the bunk beds. Oh and, yes...bunk beds have to be disassembled and reassembled (by the Ball & Chain) which means that they will forever wobble and be a general danger to life and limb. You might think that's funny but you haven't seen the other "handiwork" in the house.

At present, Man Child has this beautiful baseball wallpaper in his room. It's vintage drawings of the various hand positions you need to throw (sorry, pitch) the baseball in different ways. They are hand drawn sketches and the border is a vintage baseball scene. All very tasteful.

He now wants to paint his room black.

I'm not averse to black, if it's done properly, but I love that baseball wall paper. He says he wants a more grown up bedroom (ie. not a theme) so I have to go with that. It's 7 years since we moved here so it's probably time for a change. (As opposed to the Queenager who doesn't want to re-do her room. Very resistant to change is she.)

Given that this is my rebel without a cause, my punk wannabee (with a Mohawk, did I mention), my rock musician, I'm already warming to the black theme. I have a picture of giant framed electric guitars all over the place and perhaps negative images of famous rock stars. Like this:

This (left) is Billie Joe Armstrong of the band Green Day, who in my opinion, is a dead ringer for Robert Smith of the 80's band The Cure.

And perhaps a black and white of Robert Plant on the right? (This one is more for me than MC I have to admit.)

I sat him down and put  all this to him and he loved it. Of course he wants to get started tomorrow which isn't going to happen, but at least he's going with a good black bedroom and not just well, black walls.

But then didn't I go and blow it by finding bed sheets with guitars all over them. I think they're great. (The child in the pic isn't mine BTW.) They even have matching curtains. Look:

"Mom" (again with the triple syllables) - I'm not ten. I don't want themed sheets".



  1. hahahahaha! oh yes, been there. right down to the black walls. at least you got approval for some of your design ideas!

  2. Maybe if you use black board paint on the walls..... you could write messages, like *Don't forget to tidy your room* *Put your underpants in the laundry bin* etc.

    It is exciting doing all this rearranging.
    Hope the bunk beds survive the journey up top!
    Guitars on the bedding......noooooooo!
    Good luck with it all. Not easy to please two teenagers
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  3. If I could find Tinkerbell themed sheets and my husband would agree to it. Yes, I am nearly 30.

  4. Toni! (said in triple syllables) how could you even suggest those sheets!

  5. Get that blackboard paint - very cool - he can draw stuff and then wash it off Lx

  6. Just went through the same thing. Did the whole room up in a gorgeous football (soccer) design, with colors and accessories of the favorite team. Not 6 months later, my Chino wants nothing to do with his Alianza Lima bed cover and accessories - "It makes me look like a nerd".

  7. I love that you're doing that. I wanted a black and white room once (years before my mohawk) and my parents just let me get on with it and it ended up looking awful. It really was a mess. A bit of planning would have done wonders. And The Cure was exactly what I was going for!


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