Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas Apathy

I've am felled by unbelievable apathy.

Which is a shame given the amount of stuff I have to do - in the next few hours at the very least.

I have exhausted my resevoirs of energy, seasonal joy and Christmas spirit in the last few days I think.

Let's see - each child has arrived home from school on at least three recent afternoons with an insurmountable project for next day, list of supplies needed for next day (just after I've been shopping, of course) or themed outfit, for (yes) the next day. How I haven't lost about ten pounds I don't know as the nerves have been a bit jarred to say the least. Oh wait - the Pinot Grigio probably counter-balanced the lack of nutrition. At least from a calorific point of view anyway.

As usual, I was apparently elected chief (only?) present buyer for the kids, which has bled me dry mentally as teenagers never seem to actually want anything yet never stop asking for money for this and that. How does that work? Oh and the job title also appeared to include chief packer of entire family's luggage for skiing trip to Colorado.  (I really don't remember attending the job interview, signing the contract or shaking anyone's hand on this deal, I have to say.)

Last night the Ball & Chain and I took the dog to the airport for her Pet Airways flight (See previous post) to Colorado. I think she has inherited my fear of flying, as she whined the whole drive to the airport and pasted her face to the Exit door when we were waiting in the Pet Lounge. She also did a wriggly thing trying to get out of her collar as we walked her up to the (very nice) lady at the desk. Poor little thing. We've only had her 6 months and although dogs seem to forget things rather quickly, she did seem to be having flashbacks to something rather unsettling.

As I said to my mother (who also gave a very long "Ahhhh" when I told her of Dusty's plight) - it's not like you can explain what's going on. "You're much better off on this plane. If we flew you on our flight you'd be in a cage, in cargo, in the pitch black, thrown about and probably sitting on the tarmac for hours at each end in sub zero temps. Or DOR. (Dead on Arrival.)" It's a possiblity.

Anyway, back to the subject in hand - apathy and a pile of things to do. I'm flying with the Queenager and Little Man to Denver on Saturday, as The Ball and Chain and Man-Child are doing their manly thing of driving eight hours per day for two days to Denver and picking us and dog up. (At separate airports of course. Why would anything be uncomplicated?) Man Child walked out of the back door with swimming trunks in hand yet now they seem to still be on the kitchen island. He has also forgotten his French text book, which is the size of one of Moses' tablets. This now has to fit into my carry-on bag, which was stretching all definitions of "carry-on" in the first place.

The good thing about vacationing in the States is that I know I can buy whatever I forgot.

Will blog from Copper Mountain, if we're spared  as my lovely gran was wont to say. (Not good for the white knuckle flyers among us really.)

Must go and pack handbag as have early start tomorrow.


  1. Oh, I feel for you! The amount of times we travelled to Finland for the holidays when the children were school-age and somehow I was in charge of everything (as well as making sure the business would survive the week financially). I did however, usually melt when son suddenly called me äiti at the airport when his strangely working mind shifted to Finnish. It all seemed worth it then.

    Have a lovely holiday - I'm just a little green...we have snow here in London but no chance of skiing.

    Helena xx

  2. Looking forward to hearing all about your hols. Let's hope the trip is uneventful!

  3. Gotta just LOVE how the number of family hats you wear (chief packer, left item carrier, etc.) grows exponentially. Yet you don't recall being in on the conversation that tagged you as 'it'. Sigh... Can't wait to hear the next installment!

  4. Deep breaths...

    Hope you have a lovely time in Colorado, and no health issues this time round.

  5. It will all be worth it once you get there. Here's hoping you have a healthier trip than last time.

  6. Deep breaths woman. Once you get there you can relax - yeah right! I hope the pooch was okay on the flight too - let us know how it went. Safe travels.

  7. Hope you have a lovely time and that Dusty gets over the flight. It is a pity that animals can't understand that they are NOT being abandoned.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  8. MY own ball and chain would rather not celebrate the holiday at all. So I do everything too. Hope you have a lovely time, anyway!

  9. It's the most wonderful time of the year...!

    Just bloody stressful!!

    Have fun in Colorado and Merry Christmas!


  10. By now you'll be safely in Colarado,Hopefully nursing a lovely glass of Pinot or something equally suitable not because you need it but because it is deserved! Have a fab time!

  11. Isn't it funny how we somehow get the job of being in charge of it all - but yet no one actually asked us to take on the job?

    Safe travels and enjoy your trip.

  12. Arrived safely and the dog was apparently great all the time. She is diving into huge drifts of snow and generally acting as if her husky genes are the only ones that really count.

  13. Safe travels! I had a good laugh at this post. Be thankful you're not in London - five inches of snow and they've closed the joint down. Ridiculous. Imagine if they got a Colorado blizzard. We'd be snowbound til June! have a great holiday.

  14. Have a lovely time. Still laughing about Pet Airways. Really??!!!

  15. wnated to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas, and hope the skiing is good!!

    Gill in a cold and snowy Canada


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