Tuesday, December 21, 2010

My shameful thighs

Well, they always say pride comes before a fall. There I was trying to convince myself that even though walking the dog for an hour a day wasn't quite the cardio I used to do, my bum and thighs were actually quite wobble-free and toned.

Or so I thought.

Apparently, there's toned-looking and then there's just toned. I found out yesterday when I went for my first ski run in ten months, that mine are the former. OMG, as they say. I did a few easy imter-mediate runs to get used to my newly-balanced skis and boots. I hadn't been planning to attempt anything icy or steep on my first day, (if ever), but hadn't planned on being totally knackered and thigh burnt after only a few runs. In short, I am out of shape both on the cardio fitness level and on the keep your legs bent at the knee for hours at a time level.

When I got back to our place I had a lovely warm shower then went to dump my sweaty thermals in the laundry (in the basement) and almost galloped down two flights of stairs, such was the lack of muscle control. This morning however, it wasn't as painful as I'd anticipated so I suppose I'll have to go back out this afternoon. (I managed to scive off this morning by taking the dog out for a long walk, doing everyone's laundry and wrapping about 7 presents.)

I used to love to ski, but now that my teens are "dropping into" bowls and off precipices that I can't even see over, I'm limited to skiing with the Little Guy when he's not in ski school. Oh, the Ball & Chain and the teens offer to ski with me every now and then but quite frankly, it's all done out of pity and I'm not having that. I  know I've switched places with my kids on the slopes - they're the ones looking back, keeping an eye on me and asking me if I'm OK every ten seconds.

Yes I am bloody OK, thank you. Just knackered.


  1. Never been skiing before so can only nod my head as not sure what any of this bowl dropping etc means!I'll stick to keeping my thighs nicely wobbly.
    Glad no incidents of note yet! Love to all the family xx

  2. Well, we did have the Ball & Chain slipping and bashing his head on the first day, then Little Guy throwing up that night (altitude sickness), but I think I'll save a few more incidents and do one big blog post!

  3. That will be me in a few days. I always end the first day in pain, even when really fit. Which I am not now.

    I hear there is tonnes of snow in Colorado! Have fun.

  4. lol... my thighs are aching just from going up and down narrow staircases at the market this weekend while Christmas shopping - not sure I'll ever handle skiing!

  5. I went skiing once, and after a week of it, my thighs had never looked some damn toned - that was once, and they untoned v quickly

  6. It's been years since I've skiied but this sure brought back memories... I thought aching, wobbly thighs were de rigueur!

  7. Ouch - thigh burn! Know the feeling. But hey, if my mother can pick up skiing again after a 24 year absence from the slopes (and live to tell the tale), I am sure 'we' can put up with a little bit of pain, if for no other reason not to be outdone by the youth of today, let alone the geriatrics!

    On the upside, your thighs WILL be toned by the end of the venture.

    LCM x

  8. It's not fair!! It's been three years since I have been on the slopes (pregnancy, small baby, toddlerdom...) and it'll be at least another three if we should follow through with our plan to produce another little one. And as soon as little L and potential sibling(s) will be old enough for ski school, I'll be too old to remember the most basic things. Not fair at all.

  9. Ouch... I'd better get practising for my skiing holiday in February then... Thanks for the warning and enjoy the rest of the holiday!

  10. I've never gone skiing, but you described the thigh burning pain well enough for me to imagine it and I don't think I have to go now. I thought it was a bit easier than that. Enjoy the rest of your vacation and I hope your thighs get toned better. Have a Merry Christmas!

  11. Sounds to me like you need to find a spa! Merry Xmas!


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