Sunday, December 26, 2010

Me and My Big Mouth

So there we were, walking the dog round Copper Village. As we passed the emergency clinic I foolishly said, "This is the first time we haven't had to go there". Given that this was day three of a two week stay, yes - it was a bloody stupid thing to say.

And almost incorrect since I'd had to phone them when the Little Guy started throwing up on our second night. Obviously, under normal circumstances I don't phone doctors just because someone throws up, but he'd been complaining of a headache so severe that it was making him scream in pain. He can give Lord Olivier a run for his money, but suffering a similar headache myself, I knew that he had a touch of altitude sickness, and when the person starts vomiting, it's a little more serious. (I saw his face drain of colour and managed to get a small bucket in front of him just in time, thank you.)

Unfortunately the clinic was just closing, but they kindly gave me the next step on the seriousness scale (coughing) and told me to take him to the hospital 5 miles away if that happened. It didn't.
 Drama averted.

So there we were on Christmas Eve, skiing with the teens (who were kindly "taking it easy" and not trying to get me down black bumpy runs). Little Guy was in ski school for the day. As soon as we got off the lift of the highest mountain the phone rang. LG was hurt - not badly, but we needed to come to ski patrol straight away.

Previously, I had been practising skiing slowly, as I have a habit of hurtling down mountains,marginally out of control, and silently screaming "Sh-i-i-i-t". This time of course, that went out the window as we raced to the bottom. The Ball & Chain just yelled, "I'll meet you down there" (ie. "I'll go on ahead being a superior skier"). Unfortunately, I wasn't quite sure of the way down so I ended up following him down some very steep, bumpy runs. He almost crashed into a tree when he looked back at one point and saw me careering down behind him. I don't think I was touching many of the bumps (moguls) though - I was literally flying.

And road  up, the Little Guy was not badly hurt, thank goodness.  He finally bumped into the little girl who seems to have a crush on him and spends the entire day skiing about 18 inches behind him. I was going to have a word with the ski instructor about it only the day before, but having been accused of turning into a "helicopter" parent by the Queenager (for telling her not to brush wet, tangled hair) I held back. On this occasion I was right though (she says, triumphantly); the little girl had skiied too close to him and they ended up colliding. Apparently she was fine but he banged his knees so badly, he couldn't stand up never mind ski down the mountain.

So he was put into one of those yellow body bags and stretchered down to the bottom. (I am so glad I wasn't standing around on the slopes when he went past as I would have fainted.)  Once we realised he was fine, I tried to make light of it by announcing that being stretchered down the mountain was "cool".

He looked at me deadpan, gestured to the small bucket next to him and said "You try coming down on your back, head first at about 70 miles per hour when all you can see is the sky, mom. It's not cool it made me almost throw up". And indeed, he was once again, a whiter shade of pale.

He's back at ski school today and I have my phone at the ready! Ho hum.



  1. This is a metaphor for something still to be discovered! Glad your little guy is okay.

    Happy boxing day!

  2. Sounds like a dangerous holiday and I think it might be best not to make any remarks about not having any mishaps until you get home!
    Enjoy it!
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  3. Glad he is Ok! Hope the rest of the trip is less eventful.

  4. I remember now why I don't fancy skiing much. Bringing me out in a cold sweat. So glad LG is okay x

  5. Why shouldn't you brush wet tangled hair?

  6. Iota- you're supposed to comb it gently from the bottom up. She waits till it's half dry then rips at it with a nylon brush. You can hear her hair screaming and splitting. Last week I chased her round the kitchen with a bottle of spray conditioner - hence the "helicopter" insult. Excuse me for caring.

  7. So glad it wasn't a serious injury - guess this is just the sort of adoration he is going to have to get used to, being such a good looking little guy. I wonder how old he will be before being skied down the mountain on a stretcher is a cool thing, tho? It happened to me 12 years ago - and it was one of the most exhilarating 30 mins of my life! Not that I am in any particular hurry to repeat the experience, of course (unless it could be repeated without a torn ligament)

  8. I will continue wincing until you get back to Chicago if that's ok with you. When you folk are in Copper and on a ski holiday my blood pressure goes up by degrees. Stay safe ( I mean it)

  9. Glad to hear he's OK despite the ride in the blood wagon!

    We are in very snowy and cold Vermont. The boys did well on their first day of ski school - they are on the nursery slope so at the moment I'm more worried about them losing their gloves/goggles/hats than injuries - but I'm sure those days will come......

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  11. Skiing is never hassle-free is it? I've only been once with kids and am tempted to not try it again until they are big. Hope you enjoy the rest of the trip! And happy new year, old friend.

  12. Hope the rest of the holiday goes without any more incidences, not sure that I fancy a family skiing holiday though, think you are very brave!

  13. We always seem to have dramas onholidays too. Thi stime we broke down in a strange country at 8pm in minus 15 (wth no car heating) & waited for 2 hrs. After the snowiest drive we have ever done (incl snow avalanche blockign mtn rd, the snow melted 2 days later so we had no snow the entire week! Agh. My husbnad was NOT amused. 2nd yr running this has happened to us.
    p.s Ive been stretchered off like that. it is NOT funny!

  14. "... comb it gently from the bottom up..."

    *ponders quietly with confused expression on face*


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