Sunday, September 25, 2011

One Less Child but My Life's Even Busier?

How'd that happen?

I was obviously delusional when I thought life would be simpler with one less child at home. Meals, for example, would no longer be restricted to her white-meat-only diet. We can have red meat occasionally without me having to cook a piece of salmon for her. The laundry would be vastly reduced, and yes, that's happened.

What I didn't account for was

- the fact that if the Man-Child (almost 16) needs to go anywhere, the Queenager's not around to either drive him there or watch the 8 year old when I drive. That means I have to schlepp the Little Guy everywhere with me, and that's going to make for one very grumpy 8 year old when it's ten below outside.

- if the Man-Child's social life takes off this year, it means I have to go back to babysitters if, by some miracle, I have a social engagement too! Babysitters! After 5 years of not having to think of that, I'm well out of the loop and have no contacts.

- When the Ball & Chain's out of town, life becomes exponentially more complicated. For example, the Man-Child's recent school trip next week involved me attempting to get him to a downtown train station by 7am on a school morning. Not only did this suggest me dragging my sorry self out of bed an hour earlier than I usual, but waking the 8 year old at 6, getting his school stuff together, making his lunch etc. etc. all before 6.30am. Definitely something to avoid and very tempting to just leave him sleeping in bed, but that's illegal so I didn't. Fortunately I put out an SOS to nearby parents and they gave the Man-Child a ride.)

- Oh, and of course there's the compulsory ER/A&E visit, which always occurs when the Ball & Chain is out of town. Sure enough, last Tuesday I got the call from the school nurse saying that the Man-Child had ripped his finger on the school bus safety belt hole (don't ask) and it looked "really bad". Had to take Little Guy out of school half an hour early and schlepp him to the hospital with us. No Queenager around to come and collect him and take him home. Fortunately this time we were only there for two hours. Sigh.

I'm sure it'll all settle down soon....


  1. Ooooh, I feel your pain! Thank GOD we moved to Seoul, where there is excellent public transportation! I depended heavily on Son #1 to collect and deliver Son #2 last year when I was working and couldn't get from my school (on one side of town)to his school (on the other side) in time to get him to all his afterschool activities. Of course, I don't have an 8-yo, which sounds like it would complicate matters, public transport or no. I'm sure it will, indeed, settle down soon. You've just had the rug pulled out from under you and need a bit of time to recalibrate...deep breaths, this, too, shall pass....

  2. ... and of course none of this is made any easier by the fact that you're probably missing have the queenager around, as well... x

  3. Aye change is the only certainty pet. :D

  4. Yes, you see, you have now tipped the balance. The balance of your family.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  5. funny how each child is part of the family dynamic and when one files the coop, everything falls into chaos. it will soon settle into a new normal. but the missing them, that never truly goes away. you just make peace with it, i suppose.

  6. I hear you, oh boy, do I hear you! Almost identical family set-up here, and I too did not think this one through. Back to carpooling, and hunting down moms with kids old enough to be left home alone in bed for a little while - "I can do the early run, if you can pick the guys up at ten-thirty?" One step up and two steps back.

  7. It sure does sound like you have had a busy time! I'm sure it will all settle down soon though :)


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