Monday, November 7, 2011

Mothers eh?

You know how sometimes you see a photo of yourself and you think "Oh, that one's not too bad"? Or is that just me? Am I so lacking in self-esteem that most photos I see of me make me wince?

Anyhoo, I was messing around on my relatively new Mac the other day and came across the I-Photo Booth. It basically uses the camera at the top of the screen to take photos. (You can also do I-movie.) The photos aren't usually that good because you tend to be looking down at the keys instead of at the little red camera light at the top of your screen.....

or the lighting is terrible, (because it's your overhead kitchen light.) This is me sitting on the back kitchen stairs because it was a good light from the back garden, but see, I'm looking down and trying to figure out how to operate the thing while not looking down. Fail.

Eventually I started messing around with the effects and striking a couple of poses. The result was one of those "Oh, that's OK" photos, and a bit of fun. I mean I'm not going to stick it in a frame or anything.

But look, it's fun and arty and stuff, isn't it.

And I did this one - My wannabee Debbie Harry pose.

So I sent them to my mother (for a laff, as you do). Guess what she said?

"It doesn't even look like you."

Oh. Well then


  1. i think you speak for most of us here. but you, my friend, are lovely. and it does so look like you.

  2. LOL!!!!! Still giggling... just had mine down and now I am exhausted!

  3. Now I have no excuse for complaining no one ever takes pictures of me in this family. Looks like lots of fun.

  4. I know. You'd think my family didn't have a mother for the most part. And there are NO videos of me - but that's probably by design. That and the fact that the Ball & Chain is truly awful at shooting video. Usually gets the carpet and the sky most of the time.

  5. A good photo of me is a rarity, but I suspect that's got to do with the material available. My mother would have said the same thing, by the way...

  6. Like you there's few photos or vids of me in my family. I love this post, it's a really candid 'you' post but I especially love your mother's comment.

    Im thinking the last one is quite a Laura Dern look. ;)

  7. You go through all that trouble and your mother disowns you. Jeez!

  8. I like that one of the four studies.

    I must admit to liking photos to look real mostly though and as your mother is miles away..... I expect she cherishes *real* photos. I was once in that position myself!
    I also have a mac which I think is great but I don't do all the gadgets and applications justice! I tend to just plod on with the things I feel competent with.
    We mothers can be very boring! LOL!
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  9. Of course, in your Mother's eyes, in spite of your clutch of growing children, she's wondering where your pigtails have gone to, and you're only nine!

    Loved the artful pics and you should own the fact that you are very lovely too x

  10. I love the last one! You look so glam and you tell your mother from me that it does so look like you!

  11. It is - very Laura Dern - and I think she's just had a resurgence with a new movie out so its all good.

  12. Mother's are maddening. I'm honing my maddening skills in preparation

  13. Its amazing what technology can do nowadays.My daughter was showing me her camera on her dsi I was amazed.Keep up the brill work hun x

  14. We sometimes play around with the special effects on Skype when we are talking to Granny and Grandad.

    I think you do look like Debbie Harry.

  15. Lol.can't stop laughing. But i'm the opposite. If by mistake I take a pic of mine...i'm like what??this can't be me,delete the pic and put the cam down. I enjoyed your post a lot!


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