Thursday, November 10, 2011

Normal Service Has Resumed

Sorry - got a little side tracked by a tree, a lot of rain, a crap city sewage system and a basement. That's all I'm saying otherwise I will explode and undo all the calming thoughts I've been practicing over the last few days.

I bet you thought I'd just left those photos up of me in a vain, look-at-me sort of way?

Anyhoo, not much going in here in Chicago except that it's plunged to freezing temps and is SNOWING. Yes, that's right. I'm not ready for it, either emotionally or practically. Half the gloves I thought we had, seem to have mislaid their partners, and the hats that 8 year old wore last year no longer fit. I didn't think heads grew that much. In fact, isn't there a myth that a baby's born with the size head it will have for the rest of its life? No, that can't be right. It must be eyeballs.

And the black ski jacket that I really like and that I've had for well, an embarrassing number of years, has finally given up the ghost. Actually, it's only the zipper that's gone so I could have another one put in, but I was going to use this opportunity to force myself to buy a new one. I have even tried a few on, but the fashion at the moment is for jackets that sit just above the bum - and I'm not having that. Not just because I don't want to inflict that much bum on the viewing public but because you can literally freeze it off in Chicago. I will give myself a few weeks to find a replacement and if I fail, I will take it as a sign from above that I'm meant to stick with the one I have. (Doesn't take much to persuade me out of shopping for clothes does it?)

Oh, and I also have to buy the dog booties. Yes, booties. I'm sure you'll think that's a bit precious but she somehow managed to scrape all the skin off her front paws a few months ago and it's still not heeled well enough to cope with the salt that gets sprinkled everywhere in the winter. Ow - hurts just thinking about it really.  We think it's because she races around our basement (which is tiled) and slides everywhere.

Have you ever bought dog booties? I was looking at some the other day in the pet shop and had no clue what her paw size would be, which means I'll have to take her in. Which means that she'll be jumping at all the other dogs and trying to play and I'll end up tense and sweating bullets. I can't wait.


  1. Ugh, snow. I'm dreading my first real winter in over 11 year...just had to buy my first winter coat in 11 years as well...
    Have fun buying the bootees...all the dogs over here seem to have them, although it's not been cold enough for them to need them. I think it's actually done here to keep the floors clean.

  2. It's expensive, but I have a down Northface coat (the women's metropolis parka) and it is the best thing EVER! I'm starting my 4th Chicago winter with it and it's still in perfect shape. You wash it in the washing machine and it comes out looking like new. It keeps out the wind and cold. In fact, during my mile trek from the train to work, I usually start sweating. And it covers you all the way to your knees (well, for me it does, but I'm only 5'1"). It's well worth the investment.

  3. Actually, I have just re-discovered a lovely red Lands End thinsulate parka. It's very light-weight but toasty. Can't ski in it but I'm wearing it for now. Don't know why I stuck it in the back of the closet. Must've been mad.
    I also have the comforter-style below the knee padded thing, but I'm really not ready to don that yet. Somehow it just doesn't seem right!

  4. Hah - I was going to recommend Lands End - 25% off code: familydown pin#9954
    Was thinking I couldn't justify a new coat for myself this year, but if the zip were to accidentally break . . . Hmm . . .

  5. Snow - arghhh no! That means we'll get it in about a week. Good luck with the winter clothes.
    Booties for dogs are a must aren't they - I remember walking my dog a few years ago on the road (no snow) and he started yelping when the salt got between his toes. I had to carry a 50 lb dog back to me house, cursing the Ohio winter all the way.

  6. The mind boggles with the sewage, tree and basement stuff! Hope it is well & truly fixed now.

    Hope the doggie likes the bootees. Sounds like a kind way to go, if she doesn't mind them on her.
    Hoping we don't get snow.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  7. Snow?? Yikes! I hope the dog likes his booties, worth it for salt burns. Hope you get some that fit ok x

  8. I succumbed to buying an M & S winter coat this year, after my last one had done 5 years of service...

    I bought it well in advance and it's not quite cold enough to wear it just yet - Just as well as now I can't find it!

    Blame age! Love 'sweating bullets' - Do the Americans say that, or is that the NE coming out in you?

    Have a fine week! Fhina x

  9. Fhina - I'm glad I'm not the only one who loses large garments. Never quite understand how I do it, but this time a long sweater is on the loose somewhere in the house. And now I'm thinking about the "sweating bullets" phrase. I think they say it here or something similar - sweating buckets.

  10. I need a new ski jacket too - and am excited that a new LL Bean store just opened 30 minutes away....
    Know what you mean about being in denial about the padded comforter coat. I've yet to dig mine out although there have definitely been days when I could have worn it. Still shivering in my fleece though...

  11. Go for a parka, daaarling, or maybe even fur

  12. Toni, I'm so excited to find another woman who doesn't like to shop for clothes. I hate shopping! When I must get something, I start with mail order. Try and for good winter coats of all types, including ones that cover your bum!


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