Monday, February 27, 2012

Slamming Angelina

So I ended up watching the Oscars despite other intentions. Now that Downton Abbey's over we're back to our usual "bugger all on the telly" situation.

For a laugh, I also tuned into Twitter. When I've subjected myself to watching the Republican debates recently, the Twitter commentary has been the only thing keeping me from chucking myself off the roof. It's often very insightful and usually hilarious.

Most of the Oscar Twitter was a bit "meh" with people Tweeting about who'd won what, as if other people couldn't just tune in if they wanted to see what was going on. I never get the point of that. "The Oscar's just gone to so and so...". We know, we're watching it too.

It was when Angie Jolie walked on that Twitter lit up however. I'll admit, my first comment was

"Was there a collective OMG gasp when Angelina Jolie walked on the stage? And not in a good way?"

I mean did you see her? Yes, she is thin beyond belief, but I was more referring to the weird pose she adopted when she got to the mike. One hand on hip, and that bloody right leg sticking out almost at right angles. Lady, where's your class?

The whole point of a dress like this is subtlety. You're supposed to give your audience a hint of leg, a mere glimpse now and then - not walk around as if you've pooped in your underwear fer cryin' out loud.

But it was all too late. Some saint I don't follow complained about others "slamming thin people". In fact the entire Tweet was = "I'm as uncomfortable with slamming thin people for being thin as I am for fat people being fat. Or anyone being any size. It unsettles me." The same woman also voiced disgust at Meryl Streep because of her "Whatever" comment, which I thought was hilarious, and she accused Streep of false modesty.

OK whatever. Apart from the dress that made her look like an oven-ready turkey, if you can find something to criticize about Meryl Streep's acceptance speech, then the problem's all with you.

These righteous people who seem to set out to right the world really get on my nerves. If you don't like my Tweets don't read them. You're not really missing anything I guarantee. And reading meaning into my words isn't exactly going to bring me round to your way of thinking either.

One of the funniest Tweets I thought was from someone else I don't follow, who said "I would officially like to ship my remaining tofu pad thai to Angelina. Along with a book on Oscar ettiquette. #leg". Yes, it might be slamming Jolie's size, but the woman knows she's held up as a role model and unless there's something really wrong with her right now, the head-is-bigger-that-the-body look is not a good one.

But more importantly, - back to the leg? We know there are some big egos on the red carpet, but please. Put it away.


  1. Yeah really wierd pose by Angelina. Maybe she didn't have time to wax the other one so thought she'd really show the waxed right one off?

  2. crikey, missed this - she loves the attention...

  3. Enjoyed the whole post, and the last paragraph is super.

  4. Had totally forgotten to go and have a look at the Oscars outfits - but am so with you on the leg thing. just NO!

  5. Loved the guys who came up after her and made fun of her! Great post.

  6. We couldn't get a good live stream of the Oscars here in Seoul, so I've only seen clips and still shots, but the leg photo definitely caught my looked very awkward. After reading this post, I think it's probably a good thing that I still haven't gotten into Twitter!

  7. The leg thing was definitely odd - it made her look like a cartoon, Jessica Rabbit or something. But I also couldn't get over how emaciated she looked. Her arms were scrawny and her features looked too big in her face. She definitely isn't eating enough.

  8. Honestly! She is all over the English papers over here. I can't really face it before two cups of tea. Though looking at Streep's dress, I would guess she knew she was getting the golden lady so she just wanted to match outfits!!

    Sorry to read about your horrible ski trip.

  9. Honestly! She is all over the English papers over here. I can't really face it before two cups of tea. Though looking at Streep's dress, I would guess she knew she was getting the golden lady so she just wanted to match outfits!!

    Sorry to read about your horrible ski trip.

  10. Fantastic post. Meryl was great!

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  11. How could she have that much money and so little taste!

    The overexposure in the leg region here is just de trop...

    Very strange indeed, as if she were trying to prove something. And I think she needs to eat too. She looked far more relaxed when her pretty face was fuller - Desperate, really...

    Love to you,

    (Saucer of milk, please, for) Fhina x

  12. You know that saying, "You can't make a silk purse out of sow's ear?"

    I always think of it when I see Angelina Jolie. This is the woman who bragged on the red carpet about having backseat sex with Billy Bob Thornton on the way over. Yuk -- on so many levels.

  13. The Leg surprised me as well, especially as she is so devoted to ensuring she is giving us a well thoight out image.

    I thought it was funny when people started photoshopping The Leg everywhere, like the statue of Liberty etc.

  14. I need to hang out here more. Not only because we think totally alike but you are much funnier in your delivery of my thoughts than I could ever be! I keep hair spray in my first floor loo. Same reason. Just in case Obama stops by. Ya never know....we do live in Chicago-land!


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