Saturday, June 30, 2012

I'll Kiss Her Till I'm Dead

There's a linky going on at Thinly Spread which dovetails nicely with a photo I've just taken. It's called "The Things They Do and Say".

Not quite sure why this was written but I suspect it was a poetry period in the Little Guy's class. Anyway, can you see what he wrote and drew?

"I'll kiss her till I'm dead"...bit on the dramatic side, but Awww.
(BTW, she has big teeth but not quite this scary-looking).

If anyone is sitting on the fence about getting a dog, just do it. Well, give it some proper thought and then if there's no real reason not to get one, just get one. We got Dusty two and a bit years ago and it's the best thing we've ever done for the family. The Little Guy adores her and no one can now imagine things without her being around. OK, she follows me from one end of a room to the other, which can get a little tricky when I'm cooking in the kitchen, but other than that...

Things to consider - they need walks, and it shouldn't be just the mother who has to do that. They are an extra mouth to feed; the medical bills or insurance can be expensive; you need to think about what you'll do with a dog when you go on holiday; if you're out of the house all day, what about the dog? etc. etc.

And if you do decide to get a dog, get one from the shelter, please.


  1. Your little guy cracks me up. Good dog drawing! I could never draw animals.
    We have a fish: doesn't need walks, doesn't follow me around but doesn't give much affection either!

  2. We got a rescue pup three weeks ago. She's a handful, but an absolute delight. Definitely a fantastic decision, and she's going to be a wonderful adult dog.

    Hopefully when we have kids, she'll love them, too! Loved your little guy's drawing.

  3. I'm not an animal person but that's a very cute comment. What could be more final than when you're dead. Until I'm dead is forever. Very profound actually.

  4. Oh I LOVE that, it *almost* convinces me that a dog would be a good idea...but not quite! My Bonus Boy is part cat, bringing a dog into the equation might confuse things. x

  5. Awwwww. :)

    I second the part about getting one from the shelter. You'll cry when you go in there to choose, though.

  6. Max - I know. I'm still racked with guilt about the little guy we left behind when we took Dusty home. However, if you go in with an idea of what you want (age, size, etc) it's easier to walk past the cages and say "no". The shelter operators will also respect the fact that you've given it some thought and you're not just going for the "cute puppy" factor.

  7. Likewise..... anyone who wants a rabbit (and its cruel to keep just one) go to a shelter and get a bonded coupe and get the biggest hutch/run you can accommodate.They cost a lot to keep and vets bills can be hefty.
    I think it needs careful consideration before you get any animal.
    However, I think children do need to know how to look after pets and it makes them grow into more sensitive and empathetic adults..... hopefully.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  8. Having pets is definitely good for children, and it's been very good for my son to have a dog, but I wouldn't get one again tbh.

    Much as I love the dog, most of the walks, feeding etc fall to me (admittedly we moved Son to a further away school after getting the dog, which, while worth it educationally, has made it more difficult for him to do walks) and it's very time-consuming. And the hoovering is constant! As if I didn't have enough to do already!

    Mine also follows me around everywhere; he's a really Mummy's boy, which is sweet but a bit suffocating really.

    I think maybe it's easier in a large family where you can share walks, but I find it difficult to make time to go out/away as there's no-one to dog sit.

    Son says he's always going to have a dog, which is fine: I'll look after his when he goes on holiday or whatever, and I'll enjoy it, but then it can go back home again and I'll have my life back!

    If anyone were thinking of getting a dog, I'd advise volunteering to look after a friend's dog while they go away, then think very hard about whether you could do that all the time.

  9. Maggie - Didn't know that about rabbits.

    Mrs. Baum - Agreed. I was meaning that if someone has thought long and hard and there isn't any reason not to get a dog, then go for it. Yes, they're a lot of hard work and I will freely admit that because we can't let dogs off the leash here in Chicago (except for one awful dog park), ours goes to a doggy play/exercise place two or three times a week. We are also able to board her there so we know she's happy, but it all costs money.
    My brother has had dogs for years, but when the last one died a few years ago he decided not to get another one. I don't think he's regretting that decision yet.
    Having said all that, we get a lot of laughs out of ours because she's not the world's most intelligent dog!

  10. Loving the teeth on that dog drawing! x

  11. I get some laughs out of mine, but more cuddles and hair! We have a hoover attachment to groom him with. He loves it and rolls over to have his tummy hoovered.

    Yours looks like a real sweetie. You can't let them off the lead in Chicago though? How awful! Ours is off the lead about 80% of the time when out - not on the streets, obviously, but we choose walks where he can run around freely. He'd drive me up the wall if he didn't get a good run!

    PS Wasn't suggesting that you were suggesting that people should get a dog without thinking carefully about it!


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