Thursday, June 28, 2012

Meanwhile back on this side of the Pond...

After almost a month in England, I’m back in Chicago. Hopefully the rain cloud that followed me up and down the mother country hasn’t crossed the Atlantic or I shall grow webbed feet! Actually, my first day back is seeing a "heat advisory" which means it's too hot to stay out for long, and I heard on the radio that Illinois (my state) has had its dryest June on record. So probably not much rain in the forecast.

As usual, there were a few things that were “new” to me in the UK. The beautiful, painted ‘phone boxes that have popped up all over London for a start. Here’s a few I snapped. 

 This was somewhere in South East London, and the one below was in Berkeley Square.

Aren't they lovely?  It’s all part of an exhibition going on, in which artists have transformed the old K6 phone boxes. Please pop over to the link here to see more, astonishing transformations.

 So now, with a mere 5 months till the US Presidential elections, I’m back in crazy town. I promise to share the pain blog about the wilder aspects between now and November.



  1. Thanks for the heads' up - I'll be looking out for the phone boxes when we get back there in a couple of weeks. (And I don't suppose you're interested in the news that parts of the UK are melting today...? No? Didn't think so.)

  2. Have just spoken to my mother in the north east and the whole place is flooded!

  3. We had a freak heat wave and 'heat advisory' last week here but then it turned cool again. Now it's warming up again - weather can't make its mind up.

    Phone boxes are cool - might check them out a bit more for the website I write for!

  4. That holiday seemed to just whizz by.
    I love those telephone boxes.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  5. We were soaked by tropical storm, Debby, here in Florida - so I know all about rain!

    Like the phoneboxes!

  6. I wonder what they're going to do with them after the London exhibition. Perhaps people will be able to buy them for charity.

  7. I do not like those boxes. I love me some Boris goodness (!!) but as an American, i just...
    Keep me informed about the elections. Apart from filling in my over-seas ballot, i do not think that i can ear to watch.

  8. I used to live in London but haven't been back for a while so hadn't seen these phone boxes. Fabulous. It's the kind of thing I miss about the city. Quite a few people in Britain have those old red phone boxes in their gardens which they bought when they were all sold off. I wish I had one.

  9. I must admit that when they were in use, the phones were rarely in working order, the boxes themselves were always covered in graffiti and stank of pee! Definitely a case of rose-coloured specs here.

  10. We loved spotting the eggs in London a few months ago. Love the idea of sprucing up the phone boxes.

    My mum said the storm was very scary. Brother was caught in floods, late for picking up little one from nursery. Had to abandon car and walk. All the toddlers had to stay for a few extra hours and were fed beans on toast!


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