Wednesday, 20 June 2012


Most people don't know that I'm a closet procrastinator. When faced with an overly-long to-do list I usually start cleaning out the pantry, or just lying about drinking wine tea. Similarly, when I have a lot to organise, (like I had this week) I just cannot seem to come to a final decision. I do all the "research", consider my options  - and then put things off till the very last minute. Hoping for what, I'm not quite sure.

The Ball & Chain and kids are going back to Chicago tomorrow (Thursday) while I go to London, attend the BritMums Live conference, and jolly about with old friends for a few days. Owing to a sudden family emergency with one friend, I found myself having to find alternative accommodation for Thursday night. I went on to several of those last minute booking web sites, found a few suitable options (for under a gazillion quid per night), read reviews about them, decided I might be murdered in my bed, and started again. By which time all the prices had gone up. Finally managed to book something that I swear had tripled in price by the time I'd finished faffing around. (I think those web sites know that you're mildly interested, and just keep increasing the price hoping you won't notice.)

I'm getting the train down to London, but haven't yet booked my ticket. That's because I have to get the family to the airport at 7.30am (I know, what a saint eh?), fill the car with diesel, and hand it back to Avis, all before boarding a train. (Because of developing friend's family emergency, I also didn't know what time I was supposed to hit London. I don't want to be trying to kill time with my gargantuan suitcase in tow.) If I buy a rail ticket on-line, it might be cheaper but I will be tied to a specific train time and if something goes wrong (as it is bound to do), I will have to fork out for a new ticket. There are NO exceptions apparently; so that would include taking the wrong turn on Newcastle's ridiculous one way system, and spending 45 minutes getting back to the Avis drop-off.

I am meeting a large-ish group of friends on Monday night, and although they all live in London, it seems it's up to me to pick a restaurant. I have sent several e-mails pointing out the fact that I haven't lived in London since 1990 and would someone at least come  up with a suggestion. Despite all of them being lawyers, they suddenly have no opinions - "I'll do whatever..", was the unified response. I may just book a Pizza Hut then!

Anyway, enough of this faffing - I have suitcases to pack, passports to find and teenagers to drag out of bed.


  1. OK, here are a few suggestions on restaurants: Mint Leaf (there are two, one, I think in Holborn, one just of Trafalgar Sq). Serve YUMMY Indian food - I highly recommend it. Then of course there's Brown's near Covent Garden - a step up from Pizza Hut but still a chain, Kettners, which is the ultimate Pizza Hut (literally), PJ's Bar & Grill (also a chain but I think there's one in Covent Garden - or there used to be), and if you want to go large there is always Hakkasan nr Tottenham Court Rd - expensive but great for people watching.

    And - breathe... Enjoy, wherever you end up!

  2. Who cares where you eat as long as there's wine/tea. Just have a teenagerless ball :)

  3. Thanks Potski. Will propose them.

    Yes Roly, there is that. LOL

  4. Your most difficult task might be getting the teenagers out of bed ;-)

    I agree about the websites upping the prices if you don't decide fast enough. I've seen that happen at Amazon and some of the websites for buying flights.

  5. Its been years since I have heard the word faffing, I do'n't think I've ever seen it written down. Enjoy your trip - and yes Newcastle's one way system beat me too, last time we were there!

  6. Ooh, I'd be the same. There's always a fine line between booking something to be organised, and not wanting to book in case you don't make it. Hope you have fun in London - and agree with Potty Mummy, Kettners is always good for a girls' night out. Had a big reunion there when I was over in April.

  7. Me too serious faffer. Have faffed about actually getting to BritMums but I am going and will be lurking with intent to do what I have no idea perhaps I'll just faff about with some wine until inspiration strikes! See you there!

  8. Yes, I'm a faffer too. Tea by the gallon & doing jobs that take all day but don't really show the amount of hard work involved.
    Enjoy London.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  9. Yes, I am loving hearing that faffing word again and doing it in London with hands free sounds like heaven!

  10. I have updated my blogs of note on my front page and you have been recognized and featured there. There are no catches, just recognition. Go here
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  11. I hope you are currently having a fab dinner at Kettners (where I had my hen night, as it happens - pizza and champagne what's not to love?!)

    AND... waving a copy of the Guardian around going "that's me!".

    Was basking in reflected pride all day at sort of knowing you....

  12. Great to see you and catch up. Have a good flight back on Wednesday and would love your thoughts on my today's post about Having it all.....

    and guess what? I won a Vitamix blender! woohoo! Lx

  13. Hope you had a save trip home - sad that we didn't have more time to chat this time. Are you coming back before the next BritMums live? Dxx


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