Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Car Trouble

So really, where was I? Well, apart from catching the cold that both sons obtained independently (one was away at camp when he got his), I'm having a bit of car trouble.

Well, lack-of-car trouble really. I sold my car last week and can't be bothered to go out and get another one. Well, we're in the middle of the summer break, we live in a city which is very easy to get around in without having to own a car and well, I just can't be bothered. (The Ball & Chain has a car so if there's an emergency, and he hasn't gone to the airport and parked it in the long stay parking lot/car park) we're OK.)

It's a great excuse not to have to go to the plant shop and replace the sad wilty things that currently adorn my front door; the teens have suddenly started walking everywhere or taking the bus, which means I don't have to run out and check for dents and scratches when they come in (don't ask); I mean what's not to like?

Not being a "car person" doesn't really help. I am half inclined to let the B&C and the Little Guy go and find a car for me; they already know my two preferred models and my price range (ie. not new). However, since, as the B&C so rightly pointed out, the Little Guy hasn't yet got his driving license, it would be a bit hard to buy anything and then get two cars back home. Major flaw in that plan, it seems.

Perhaps when this cold has decided to bugger off I might have a little more car-buzz in me? I will report back.


  1. feel better. and thanks for the link to that post on america's gun problem.

  2. Stuck in the house - car in the garage while the battery recharges.

  3. Argh - hate it when that happens.

  4. I wonder what they would bring back!
    We are having to get used to not having a car.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  5. The husband keeps telling me I should get a Mini Cooper with a Union Jack on the top. I have three kids and a dog. What am I going to do with a Mini Cooper? Although that could be my "running away" car.

  6. Where is the button to like that Mini Cooper comment of yours?

  7. I love the Mini Cooper idea! I'd have one, but they are incredibly expensive and, as you say, don't exactly fit dogs in the boot/trunk.

    Having just been to the US, I laughed and laughed at the adverts which raved about "economical" cars that do 35 or 38 mpg - I recently sold my car that did 30-34 mpg because that was just crap and it was costing me a fortune! Admittedly petrol/gas is loads cheaper over there, but really, the car companies are diddling you all.

    My new (to me) car is a Peugeot 207 estate (that's like a cross between a Toyota Rav4 and a Toyota Matrix for the Americans) and does 55-60 mpg. Admittedly it's smallish, diesel and manual/stick shift, but even in automatics they MUST be able to make more economical cars than they are doing, because they do so here.


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