Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Comic Relief that is Donald Trump

Now that the election is over, I'm hoping everything settles down and politicians can get on with actually running this country. Unfortunately, there are a few unsavoury characters on the fringes who don't look like they're going away.

Sarah Palin, who was the VP candidate in 2008 when McCain was running, is unbelievably, still around and still considers herself relevant. Interestingly, the Romney campaign kept her endorsement a closely guarded secret until the day before the election - presumably to ensure the damage would be limited.

Not so with Donald Trump however. Originally, he threatened promised the world he'd run for President himself, if the candidates weren't up to snuff. Amazingly there were a few people who were able to keep a straight face and a handful who actually thought he might make a good candidate. Most of us were wetting ourselves laughing though. Fortunately, or unfortunately if you're Mitt Romney, he publicly endorsed the candidate in February 2012 and deemed it unnecessary for him (the Donald) to step in and show everyone how it's done.

Next, despite most people accepting that Obama's birth certificate was, in fact, real (because the officials in Hawaii said so, and they should know), the Donald was bringing up the whole issue as late as May 2012. When Wolf Blizter, in a CNN interview, told the Donald that he was beginning to sound ridiculous, "Trump shot back with the biting barb "I think you sound ridiculous." He also closed his eyes and stuck his tongue out. (Well, he was on the phone, but I'm betting that he did.)

But he out-Trumped himself on Tuesday night after Obama had been declared the winner in the election, by ranting on Twitter. I can only assume he'd had one too many Miller Lites and since many of the Tweets have now been removed, he probably agreed. Apparently someone pointed out that inciting a revolution against a sitting President could possible be treasonous. Damn that lawyer; that would have been the trial of the century.

Don't you love the bit where he says "The World is laughing at us". Erm, it's laughing at you Donald, not us, but thanks for the comic relief anyway.


  1. "The world is laughing at us" - he really thinks that?

    I'm so glad I don't watch American TV in Seoul or else I'd probably have an ulcer by now.

  2. A lot of globally uneducated people think that the world is laughing at the US because we have Obama as a President. They call him a Socialist, point to Europe and the old Iron Curtain as their examples, and in the same breath, manage to convince themselves that these same countries are laughing at us - for being like them? Sigh...

  3. Be you a Democrat or a Republican; that is one thing everyone can agree upon....Donald Trump is a joke.

  4. Speaking from this side of the pond, let me assure you that the people here are letting out a sigh of relief. And if they are laughing, it is not at America, but at the likes of the Donald and Sarah Palin.

  5. That's so interesting. Donald trump really has a point. The world is laughing at Donald's point that is. I don't even know what I meant. Donald is so hilarious.

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  6. Somehow think The Donald missed his calling in stand up live comedy.
    At the very least he would have been able to deal with hecklers up front.

    Although somehow doubt he would survive beyond the first ten minutes.

    LCM x

  7. Trump by name and trump by nature (whereby Trump is Brit slang for fart). And thank the lord that Mitt Romney, the Moron, I'm sorry I mean Mormon, didn't get in.

  8. Trump really is a laughable idiot. I actually think that he does more good for the Democrats than his own cause!


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